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TMNT quick joke 1



The new Raphael's so different from the old one, don't you think? I wanted to make the new Raph meet the old Raph. Notice the old Raph's tear as a reaction to the new Raph's punch! :D
I drew this real quick this morning because I did not at all last night to do a french compositon and a chemistry lab. So I needed to get rid of all my negative emotions! Drawing TMNT is relaxing... :D
It's not very pretty any of my submissions called TMNT quick joke will be pretty much like this. It's just for laughs. BUT if you really like one of those TMNT jokes so much, then send me a note and I make it prettier for you! ;)

I can feel angry old Raph fans coming this way... gotta go! ^^;
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Raph... I have seen you eat cereal even in the 2007 movie and this Raphael is from the 2003 series.... wut?