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tigerfaceswe's Profile Picture
"Heavy Metal" Scout Tiger
Greetings, mates!
Here I am! Your average, time travelling, metal head historian.

I usually make pictures with historical themes for the enjoyment of random interested viewers. They also serve a somewhat educational purpose.
I as well make pictures starring TF2-freaks and OCs, both of my own and others'.
Sometimes I also do other, mainly game related, stuff.
I do not usually do requests or such though, so sorry about that. But feel free to enjoy whatever I have to offer anyways.

Please, do feel free to take a look around. I'm just glad if you do.

I also have a YouTube for those who are intrested:…
And then I have this steam-thingy too. Feel free to add me as a friend, as long as you explain why.

Weekly uploads at least every Friday.
Sometimes I also update old artwork to be viewed by new followers on Wednesdays.

Enjoy your stay, mates!
Hey, everyone! It's Tiger again!

I feel it necessary to inform you all that I will temporarily take down all so far uploaded pages of WW3000: Ghouls. Reasons behind this will be gone over through the course of this journal entry.

First and foremost, lacking of content - I was from the very beginning not entirely happy with the contextual direction the story took, as it very often skipped some plot lines and contexts while still referencing them in other single pages and mini-stories, while at the same time some plot lines and contexts were mentioned once and then skipped in its entirety.

Secondly, originality - As progress went on, it felt like Ghouls became far too inspired by and based on other products and therefor lacked severely in originality. Not wanting the story to feel like an utter rip off, I therefor felt that some rewriting had to be done. This includes both major and minor changes within the writing of already existing pages.

Thirdly, structure - Some things I initially wanted to introduce in the Ghouls-story unfortunately never really came to be when I first started uploading the story. Therefor, changes within structure will also be made in order to introduce something much less sporadic and more organized.

As some of you probably already might notice, this temporal takedown of the comic series is done mainly to fix problems within structure and writing while also introducing some new elements and contextual pieces to expand the story. Call it a "Director's Cut" if you'd so like. And WW3000: Ghouls will indeed come back soon in its new format.
Expect the new rehashed re-release to come out already this upcoming Saturday on 16/02-2019, and continuous uploads the upcoming Saturdays afterward!

You can read the reuploaded first page here: WW3K: Ghouls #1 - Introducing... by tigerfaceswe

Also, worth mentioning is that I am working on Greycape too, no idea when I will start uploading pages again but it's coming.
And remember to keep your eyes open for this Friday's upload later this evening!

Thank you for taking your time reading this and understanding the reasons for this overhaul.


Gm Construct0017 by tigerfaceswe
  • Listening to: The birds singing
  • Reading: The Archaeology of Medieval Europe vol. 2
  • Watching: The sunshine
  • Playing: Garry's Mod
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Tap water


In 995 AD, king Olof Skötkonung of the Swedes had coins made in his name, using the images of Anglo-Saxon originals while changing the text to "OLVF REX". These coins were short lived, lacked in silver, had confusing sometimes even reversed letters and some archaeological findings are even square in their shape.

Late Viking age Swedish bootleg coinage.
This won't get annoying any time soon, right?

So, I'll be very busy these oncoming two weeks which means, you guessed it, Greycape hiatus again.
But don't worry. The chapter will be continued again on the 27th of January, so stay tuned for that!
[Edit: Due to me being bad following scheduals, that deadline will be postponed unfortunately.]
This week's page of Greycape might be a little delayed, but hopefully will come out later this evening. Stay tuned, none the less!

Edit: The page was finally uploaded at 21:58.
St. Lucy of Syracuse (ca 283-304 AD) is a Sicilian saint and was an early Christian during the time and age of Roman emperor Diocletian. She probably died on the 13th of December (when her feast takes place) when some soldier threw a sword through her throat.

She is also celebrated in Sweden for some reason. That's cool, I guess.
How could I forget? Happy 20, Half-Life!


Recapturing things. This is a pic about the Battle of Austerlitz in 1805, early on during the Napoleonic Wars, and as far as I can see ...

This depiction of the Battle of Marathon is quite an achievement for being made in such a simple tool as Gmod. While very colourful, it...

That moment when you stumble upon something truly astonishing. This peice of gmod artwork shows French cuirassiers in combat during the...

Hello and welcome to Judging by the Pic (the series that totally doesn't rip off Judging by the Cover from the Escapists) where we'll b...



:iconzerostas: :iconutopianpeace: :icontriumphinjectiontr6: :iconjohnny-boy-pleas-die: :iconjohnsheppard44:

WW3000: Ghouls has been going on for a while now. Do you guys like it so far? 

19 deviants said I like it! It's pretty swell.
3 deviants said Does it feature zombies?
2 deviants said I prefer Greycape.
1 deviant said Stop making stupid comics already and go back to making history pics!
1 deviant said Who are you even?
No deviants said I'm going to go with no.
No deviants said I have a few ideas. (comment)


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