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this couldn't be me convincing me
that you never thought,
that you never jumped or fought.
this couldn't be me crossing you off
or attributing you to one of my flaws.
this couldn't be me more wrong.
this couldn't be me clinging on to
inconsistencies as gospel,
insecurities as purchase,
instabilities as permanence.
this couldn't be me grasping at every straw
and letting each one fall
into meaninglessness.
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put to points,
i could out them all
into their own shallows,
make them
momentary holes
in the cosmos—
a comfort, really,
forgetting more by the minute,
put to points and limits,
like condensation
forging pathways down a glass,
and outing us
into our own shadows
at last.
:icontigereverskin:tigereverskin 4 0
deadpan apnea
all you could fall out of
and what i could look forward to
call constantly
when i should be keeping them secret,
sleeping in secret,
and not stalling
and stalling.
all you could fall out of
and all i could fall into
are repeating and repeating
absurd naiveté
like this is part of my healing,
this unending feeling of seizing
and not breathing
and breathing.
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black rabbit no. 13 by tigereverskin black rabbit no. 13 :icontigereverskin:tigereverskin 0 2
so few answers for us in all this fuss,
on knees, unfocused,
and wings are folding,
feathers molting to never grow back,
to never know why they grew before.
you are not my angel anymore.
why i pressed for that eludes me,
makes me call into question my idiosyncrasies,
my sanity.
but there are answers for me in all this debris,
on feet, finally,
and all it cost was my beliefs
to live you and love you briefly.
:icontigereverskin:tigereverskin 4 2
wet and red
don't forget you can't start new dreaming yet.
look to the heads beating walls, beating wetness,
wet and red, and don't forget being fractured,
getting your heart bent.
don't forget you couldn't see it through to lesser blues
and softer disconnects.
look to the heads beating next, beating beautiful exits,
wet and red, getting their best breaths taken,
forgetting they can't stop old dreaming yet.
don't forget you are in flux, in every direction at once,
beating walls but not beaten completely,
wet and red, and don't forget you are unfinished,
you aren't pieced together yet.
:icontigereverskin:tigereverskin 1 5
in your good graces
in your good graces
i was complete,
not fallen
or slovenly
or put to paper incongruously.
there was rhythm, a heartbeat,
a shuffling of feet
not fumbling
or slowing
or forced.
i was complete,
not floundering for pieces
in conceits and unsteady reason,
in dissonant music and lore.
i was forward in your good graces,
not untoward.
:icontigereverskin:tigereverskin 2 0
sure as vultures
a spark of smiling
and shared cutting,
sure as vultures and running
and rotting
and ducking under powerlines,
veins and vines and viscera tearing,
leaving behind nothing but running
and rotting
and smiling.
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jack the media
sniffing at hollow logs,
coming across all wrong.
i am standing in a puddle and
there are flashlights pointed at me.
and i can't go on.
jack the media, feed the wires through.
they'll of course believe you.
courting the fortress,
scaling the highest of highbrow ideas
i am presenting myself in molasses.
i sort of shot myself in the stomach,
incanting magic words—worthless firsts.
all of you dogs,
scratching at nameless statues.
you are touching me, provoking me.
it is of course wrong.
i hope i can go on.
:icontigereverskin:tigereverskin 0 0
apt k.
the girl in the backseat
keeps trailing off.
maybe we should keep our mouths shut.
i can see by her face that this is tennessee—
the look of longing, the look of disgust.
crawl through the windshield, honey—
we are near.
tell me that you know me, that you're doing fine.
i catch on quickly, almost brilliantly.
she sent me an empty envelope—it choked me up.
may it please you, may it turn you over in its hands.
i can be by your bedside,
talk you out of nodding off.
those orange ones are pretty (probably why they'll kill you).
i had planned to shake you off,
but you were already in my skin.
tell me that you know me, that you'll stay with me.
:icontigereverskin:tigereverskin 1 0
kick out the history
whatever we've lost is apparently for the best—
the stress, the depression,
and the restlessness have been relentless.
when i go i hope i can choose which memories of you to take—
they're all i'd want anyway—
and kick out the rest of the history:
the ravings of a madman, the prattle of a child.
bring on the winter, the early dark—
bring on the end.
the cold is an old friend; the nothingness a religious experience.
no warmth,
a star that forgot to be formed in the eons of yesterdays—
the ravings of a madman, the prattle of a child—
could have been more brilliant than any other
when not surreptitious or at an unreal distance,
when consummated,
when finally given its due, its hue and cohesion;
could have been more brilliant than anything you could imagine,
than either of us could ever imagine.
:icontigereverskin:tigereverskin 2 4
luminous recluse
a quick blue shifting,
forgetting the music and movements
of the girl in her bedroom,
the untruths and bruises from a love
that was always doomed—
i like how it's tilted,
like helianthus blooms
following me around the room,
and how love has been disproved
so i'll never have to go through this again.
:icontigereverskin:tigereverskin 0 0
found hour
october is nigh.
pegasus is flying.
we keep to our own skies.
a perfect liquid drying white
because blue can never be right,
an hour found in a pile of seconds and we can only sigh
that our time is dying.
october is nigh
and pegasus is flying,
carrying my hopes a little high.
:icontigereverskin:tigereverskin 1 0
want to interrupt her
she says push though your hands will stick.
put me down where the path is slick.
i can run and not slip.
now that you've seen me through this
i can shut off living up to anything,
forgo making sense to anyone else.
she says dance though there is no joy.
give up your silence for noise and go back again.
trade away your clear head for dangling ends.
i want to interrupt her and her worry,
give her a new color to be—but there are no new colors.
there is only the sameness of her and me.
:icontigereverskin:tigereverskin 0 0
what a sight
baby, what a sight—
the stalactites dripping their best, their purest.
couldn't it stand to get better, couldn't it wait?
baby, what a waste.
hands full of hair on a head full of chase.
what a sight. what a second-guess and slight—
a dogma maligned because it convinces the heart but not the mind,
because it doesn't have the patience to wait,
the inclination to ignore change,
or contain its pain in a neat little box these days.
:icontigereverskin:tigereverskin 1 0
the angel sooner
scold the only soul
to settle on you.
stick me with pins and remind me
that love is a whim.
i want to sew your wings back on
and call you angel again
and kick this new rhythm to the wind.
:icontigereverskin:tigereverskin 0 0



Kevin Register
Artist | Literature
United States
Writer, observer, listener, rememberer.
Everything in its right place.

A feeling that something is going to happen. A portent, possibly, but mostly just a feeling. It's why I've been trying to finish so many things so quickly. Quickly for me, anyway. I only hope they don't seem rushed.

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