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TMMS: Split the Room (animal form) by TigeressBird324 TMMS: Split the Room (animal form) :icontigeressbird324:TigeressBird324 2 0 MHS: Pink Teapot Elephant by TigeressBird324 MHS: Pink Teapot Elephant :icontigeressbird324:TigeressBird324 3 1 I'm Sorry, Shiny by TigeressBird324 I'm Sorry, Shiny :icontigeressbird324:TigeressBird324 1 0 Mxls-LaS: Hunkahunka on Scorpi by TigeressBird324 Mxls-LaS: Hunkahunka on Scorpi :icontigeressbird324:TigeressBird324 7 0 Skylanders: A Sad Story by TigeressBird324 Skylanders: A Sad Story :icontigeressbird324:TigeressBird324 3 0 JD-AC: Who Let The Dogs Out in Animal Crossing by TigeressBird324 JD-AC: Who Let The Dogs Out in Animal Crossing :icontigeressbird324:TigeressBird324 5 0 TMMS-BTL: Freebee Calamity by TigeressBird324 TMMS-BTL: Freebee Calamity :icontigeressbird324:TigeressBird324 6 0 MHS-HTF: Raccoons Want Candy by TigeressBird324 MHS-HTF: Raccoons Want Candy :icontigeressbird324:TigeressBird324 5 0 Surrounded by Stuffies by TigeressBird324 Surrounded by Stuffies :icontigeressbird324:TigeressBird324 4 0 Skylanders: Werewolf Snuggles by TigeressBird324 Skylanders: Werewolf Snuggles :icontigeressbird324:TigeressBird324 3 0 JD: A Knight and His Panda by TigeressBird324 JD: A Knight and His Panda :icontigeressbird324:TigeressBird324 7 1 TMMS: Bad News Naughty (animal form) by TigeressBird324 TMMS: Bad News Naughty (animal form) :icontigeressbird324:TigeressBird324 6 0 MHS-Pokemon: Spimon and a Burmy by TigeressBird324 MHS-Pokemon: Spimon and a Burmy :icontigeressbird324:TigeressBird324 5 0 Skylanders: Headcanon on Unocorn by TigeressBird324 Skylanders: Headcanon on Unocorn :icontigeressbird324:TigeressBird324 7 2 Mxls: Slimeshed Booger's Victim by TigeressBird324 Mxls: Slimeshed Booger's Victim :icontigeressbird324:TigeressBird324 8 0 Dance Central Wereanimals: Oblio by TigeressBird324 Dance Central Wereanimals: Oblio :icontigeressbird324:TigeressBird324 5 1


Ghostly Adventures meets Just Dance  by SweetiePie17 Ghostly Adventures meets Just Dance :iconsweetiepie17:SweetiePie17 9 7 Camp Challenge by arvinsharifzadeh Camp Challenge :iconarvinsharifzadeh:arvinsharifzadeh 5 2 Do it for Spyro by arvinsharifzadeh Do it for Spyro :iconarvinsharifzadeh:arvinsharifzadeh 1 1 T BonexMimi by arvinsharifzadeh T BonexMimi :iconarvinsharifzadeh:arvinsharifzadeh 3 0 OliverxMarie by arvinsharifzadeh OliverxMarie :iconarvinsharifzadeh:arvinsharifzadeh 7 1 BambixFaline by arvinsharifzadeh BambixFaline :iconarvinsharifzadeh:arvinsharifzadeh 5 0 ScampxAngel by arvinsharifzadeh ScampxAngel :iconarvinsharifzadeh:arvinsharifzadeh 5 0 MaxxGidget by arvinsharifzadeh MaxxGidget :iconarvinsharifzadeh:arvinsharifzadeh 8 0 SpyroxCynder by arvinsharifzadeh SpyroxCynder :iconarvinsharifzadeh:arvinsharifzadeh 8 1 Puppycorn Fan Button by EclipsaButterfly Puppycorn Fan Button :iconeclipsabutterfly:EclipsaButterfly 44 4 Realistic Pichu Render by TheRealDJTHED Realistic Pichu Render :icontherealdjthed:TheRealDJTHED 3,102 205 Skylanders: Kitty Pain by melodeycooper Skylanders: Kitty Pain :iconmelodeycooper:melodeycooper 7 7 Isabelle best wifu by VallyCuts Isabelle best wifu :iconvallycuts:VallyCuts 48 3 Miraculous Ladybug: Marinette by SimuLANtion Miraculous Ladybug: Marinette :iconsimulantion:SimuLANtion 17 0



TMMS: Split the Room (animal form)
I got this idea while watching a Jackbox Party Pack 5 game called "Split The Room". It is a very impressive game (well, okay, I mostly like Mad Verse City the best) and not to mention that the host of it is a cat and the theme is kinda like a Twilight Zone universe 


Mr. Grumpy-The Mr. Men Show 
Animal form-me 
Split The Room-Jackbox Party Pack 5
MHS: Pink Teapot Elephant
Ket doesn't like being mistaken for an elephant 24/7 because of her spout looking more like an elephant's trunk. Also, I was going to color her elephant ears grey, but then I had the thought of the Pink Elephants On Parade scene of Dumbo, so instead I used pink 


Midnight Horror School-Naomi Iwata 
Pink Elephants on Parade-Dumbo
I'm Sorry, Shiny
Please do not hate me for this, it's just an idea I had in my head earlier 

I know that Keean is bully to the kids of the Pteranodon family, including Shiny who stood up against him, but I was wondering if he might grew more mature and what if he suddenly had feelings for Shiny. 

But I think that Shiny would tell him that she only had eyes for Gillbert, but she thinks she and Keean may be best friends instead 


Keean and Shiny-Dinosaur Train
Mxls-LaS: Hunkahunka on Scorpi
I can still remember one of my favorite experiments in the tv series of Lilo and Stitch, Hunkahunka, the experiment that can make it's victims fall in love with the first they see. So, I thought it would be cute to draw it with one of my favorite Spikels, Scorpi 


Scorpi-LEGO Mixels 
Hunkahunka-Lilo and Stitch (tv series)
Skylanders: A Sad Story
When Necro Prancer listened to Kitty Pain's sad past, she feels bad about the red and blue cat and would comfort him to make him feel better 


Necro Prancer-me 
Kitty Pain-:iconmelodeycooper: 
Skylanders-Toys For Bob/Activision 
I know this is random and all, but you see, I haven't drawn a couple French kissing before. I mostly think that French kisses are pretty hot and sweet and romantic, but I just don't draw them because I'm a bit too shy to do it Embarrassed Chibi 


TigeressBird324's Profile Picture
Ann Van
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hey there, I'm TigeressBird324! I'm an artist and a gamer.

Things I love to draw:


Midnight Horror School

Just Dance

Dance Central

The Mr. Men Show




Happy Tree Friends

Jumpscare Games (FNaF, Tattletail, etc)

Mighty Magiswords

Things I don't draw:

Yaoi/Yuri (but I support the LGBT)

NSFW stuff

Diaper fetishes

Florch (sorry, but I don't like Flurr X Zorch)

.:Wolfgang x Golden Queen Stamp:. by MzMadameDeath .:SpyroxCynder - Stamp:. by MzMadameDeath


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