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Lovechild of my boy Gold and Talon, who belongs to Badger! He's the character featuring in the oncoming deluge of comics for a tournament on enterVOID. The premise was taking two existing characters, fusing them (regardless of physical or mental compatibility), and collaboratively fighting other "lovechildren" to the death >:3 Each round is also only 2 weeks long, with a 1 week break for voting. Learnt a tonne and had a great time, Badger's an amazing artist and a lovely person, please do check her out on Twitter if you can!  

Character design, inks, colours: Me
Sketch, layout: Badger

His "Dads":
Gold (c) Moi
Talon (c) Badger

What happens if you cross a sad necromancer and a shapeshifting thief? You get Todd. He's unfortunately inherited the worst of both his parents - obsessive tendencies, low-key kleptomania, and an apparent predisposition to being cursed, to name a few. After stealing an artifact that causes him to transform anybody he touches into a monster, he turned to evocations and demons to try and cure himself. He performs exorcisms for a living, despite having neutral or even positive feelings towards demons. He’s perpetually grumpy and tired, but he has a good heart and just wants to fix the problems he’s caused. And maybe finally get a hug from one of his dads.

Tl;dr Todd’s a cursed edgelord who turns people into monsters if he touches them.
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