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Location  Void City

And thus concludes Todd's tournament arc. Spoiler alert: we won! :D We plan to do more Todd sometime in the future, but for now we're just having a good long rest. If you read this whole run, please share your thoughts. We put a TONNE of effort into this and I'd love to know what people think!


This was for a collaborative OCT off deviantART, details and character ref here! This round was Vs. Maddie, a toon mule girl trekking across the city with her Papa, to reunite with her Maman. Sadly she will not finish her journey. 

You can also read the battle here! Our opponent's is the first comic, ours is the second.

Thumbs, Colours: Both
Pencils, Lettering: Badger
Script, Inks: Me

Todd (c) Badger and I
Maddie the Mule (c) Kozispoon and E. W. Schneider

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