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Bunny Bullet by puromisuInfo Bunny Bullet by puromisu
Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] .
Hay guys!! How are you?
My drawing tablet broke two months ago and i had to borrow my friend's tablet, i can't effort it right now so i'm opening commissions to be able to buy a new one (i can't stay with my friend's tablet forever)

I'm opening 5 slots :3

Please read the term of services before ordering

Bunny Bullet by puromisu

You can check the ongoing progresses on my profile.

Bunny Bullet by puromisu

It's important for you to go through my gallery first so that you can have an idea of my semi- realistic art style

Bunny Bullet by puromisu

Please don't be rude or complain about my prices (this is my full time job.) Any comment will be hide

Bunny Bounce by Syumi Bunny Bounce by Syumi Bunny Bounce by Syumi Bunny Bounce by Syumi

Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4]Exemples and Prices:Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4]

Bullet - Bunny (without bow) - by CutieChocoHead shot Bullet - Bunny (without bow) - by CutieChoco

Bunny Bullet by puromisuSketch: USD$10
Kiolilo Lilies Sketch by TigerCup

Bunny Bullet by puromisuPainting: USD$40

   Rudolph [OriginalCharacter] by TigerCup   

Bullet - Bunny (without bow) - by CutieChocoHalfbody Bullet - Bunny (without bow) - by CutieChoco

Bunny Bullet by puromisuSketch: USD$15
Lime cookie sketch by TigerCup

Bunny Bullet by puromisuPainting: USD$60

Banana Cookie by TigerCup

Bullet - Bunny (without bow) - by CutieChocoFull body Bullet - Bunny (without bow) - by CutieChoco

Bunny Bullet by puromisuSketch: USD$20
Bakugou sample by TigerCup

Painting: USD$80
Cerise [Original Character] by TigerCup

Terms of service

  • Only send the payment after I have accepted your commission.
  • I will only work after I receive payment.
  • After I have accepted your order, you can sand the point or I will send you a PayPal invoice (depend the payment type).
  • Don't pay before i accept please
  • The reference should be huge and clear, sand me only links of image of your character.
  • I only work with colored references. I do not accept descriptions as reference.
  • It's fine for you to check up on how your commish is going. If you want a preview (rough)sketch please let me know!
  • Too detailed characters have an extra charge of USD$5-10 (Sketch) USD$10-18 (Painting)


- You can repost the artwork on any other site only with credit.
Can't Say that you made the commission
Can't Edit my work
Can't Retrace
Can't Copy or heavily reference my work

 I do - ✓

 Original Characters (OC)
Kemonomimi/Humanoid species...

I don't - X

Old people
Furry and Ponies
Muscular characters

Please send me a note on deviantart with the form if you want to order a commission.

Commissioner's Info:
Username: [DA / Tumblr / Twitter/Insta/etc.]
Payment type: (points or paypal)
Paypal Email: (if paypal)
Commission Type:(Full body sketch/Half body paintig/headshot/etc)
Total Payment:

Character's Info:
Pose and expression:
Additional Information:
Reference: (only links please)
Extra: (like animals, flowers etc.) +USD$2
Background type: (Sketch: bg color, light behind, etc.. Painting: One color,  detailed (cost extra USD$20))

If you have any questions regarding pricing or other commission-related
matters, please feel free to send me a note and I will try to answer 
them quickly

Thank you!
  • Reading: Harry Potter
  • Watching: Jessica Jones
  • Playing: Kingdom Hearts II (again)
  • Drinking: Coca cola
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May 21, 2018


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