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Yosemite style OS X icons

By TigerCat-hu
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Yosemite icons in action #1
Yosemite icons in action #2
Yosemite icons in action #3

New version 1024x1024px Yosemite style icons download: tigercat-hu.deviantart.com/art…

Finder (Floppy, TotalCommander), Forklift, Safari, Chrome, Mail, Skype, FaceTime, Messages, Contacts, Calendar, To-Do, Wunderlist, Text editor, iA Writer, Libre Office, Skitch, Pixelmator, Pixlr, Fotor, Vox, iTunes, iPhoto, uTorrent, JDownloader, Handbrake, Video Converter Ultimate, Subtitle Converter, iVI, Meta Movie, VLC, MediaHuman Audio Converter, Ringer, Meta, File list to Excel, Better Rename, FastPreview, App Store, System Preferences

And some icon in progress ...

Download Yosemite icons: www.4shared.com/zip/bP782zygce…
512x512 px, ICNS and PNG format.

Update 08.09.2014. (new Yosemite icons):
Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, Preview, Mozilla Firefox, Viber, TextWrangler

Update 23.10.2014. (new Yosemite icons):
ResizeIt, Image Capture, Frank DeLoupe, FaceTime, Disk Utility, Sketch, Astro, and new Calendar app icons.

Update 12.11.2014. (new Yosemite icons):
Facebook, App Deal Whale, Comburet, Feedly, Razer Synapse, ReadKit, iBooks, iMovie, JDownloader2 app icons.

Update 20.11.2014. (new Yosemite icons):
The Unarchiver, iStat Mini, Battery Diag, KeyboardClean Tool, Lock Me Now, Locko, Keychain Access, Command-C, PopClip, ClipMenu, BetterSnapTool, AppCleaner, Disk Diag, The Duplicate Finder, CleanMyDrive, Ds Store Remover, Disk Utility, BlackMagic Disk Speed Test, iConvert Icons, Dock Preview, LiteIcon, Who's On My WiFi, MacTracker, System Information, TinkerTool, Terminal, Activity Monitor app icons.

Update 22.11.2014. (new Yosemite icons):
Microsoft Outlook and Power Point

Update 25.11.2014. (new Yosemite icons):
CDRViewer, Preview, Degrees, ProsVsCons, RetinaCapture, DxOPerspective, ImageCapture, Dropbox

Update 10.12.2014. (new Yosemite icons):
MemoryClean, Memorandum

Update 29.12.2014. (new Yosemite icons):
Scroll Reverser, BetterTouchTool, WiFi Scanner

Update 09.01.2015. (new Yosemite icons):
Blocs, Xpressive, Macaw, Affinity Designer

Update 05.02.2015. (new Yosemite icons):
Mozilla Thunderbird, Google AdWords Editor, Temperature Gauge

Update 02.03.2015. (new Yosemite icons):
App For Gmail, Twitter, Tumblr, TinkerTool, Keychain, Locko

Update 06.03.2015. (new Yosemite icons):
Maxthon, Monodraw, FastBack, Microsoft OneNote
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Charly11Professional Digital Artist
Muy buenos. Te felicito
TigerCat-hu's avatar
Muchas gracias!
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my favourite is definitely 'contacts'! absolutely spot on, love em!
ShinGamix's avatar
ShinGamixHobbyist Artist
I have to tried to download these from your file link at 4shared and it keeps saying signature is invalid?
TigerCat-hu's avatar
It's all right, link works fine.
ShinGamix's avatar
ShinGamixHobbyist Artist
WOW! These are the best ICONS I have EVER seen.
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Hello, first of abort your icons pack is beautiful! I am your consent to post on my website icons pack for your Mac! Please the site that I created is a customized site for Mac! and I ask the dev station permission to their establishment on my website with free téléchargelent! it also allows you to revive your establishment !! Thank you for your reply ! Website: macosxdesign.fr
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Helln0irStudent Digital Artist
Tudnál csinálni esetleg Teamspeak és Aimp ikonokat is? Gyönyörűek ezek az ikonok és jó lenne ha teljes mértékben kitudnám használni őket a dockomon :)
TigerCat-hu's avatar
Megcsináltam 1024px méretben, itt megtalálod az összeset:
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Son-of-JobsHobbyist Interface Designer
I like the simplicity of some of them (Wanderlust, VLC), but some of them could be more refined. Nice work overall.
TigerCat-hu's avatar
Minimalism is a good thing, I also love. I worked a lot on their package, and getting new icon when I get a new app. Updated compressed file at this time. Thank you for your opinion! :-) Unfortunately, I am not a graphic designer, just a hobby for me. All icons made Pixelmator. I don't have Photoshop ...
Ke0's avatar
Awesome set, had to retrieve my DA password just so I could tell you such. Hope you keep at it! I have a few requests (that you totally don't have to do!). Could you make icons for: Macaw, Blocs, Affinity Designer, Sketch 3 and Xpressive?

Still digging through all of the icons you've made thus far, so you've probably already made them, if so apologies!
TigerCat-hu's avatar
Look now! :-)
mohsinleo05's avatar
mohsinleo05Student Filmographer
Excellent work. :) (Smile) 
kjlindy's avatar
kjlindyHobbyist Interface Designer
i love these!!
TigerCat-hu's avatar
Thank you! :-)
TinyLab's avatar
I didn't invent the checkmark, but yours looks exactly like mine. Why? 
TigerCat-hu's avatar
I used an old template Corel, (from my Windows live, exported, and re-edited in Pixelmator) which I love. I do not remember original file source...
mediahuman's avatar
Great work!

I'm from MediaHuman team, can we use your icon in our application?
TigerCat-hu's avatar
MediaHuman Audio Converter icon 1024px size new version: tigercat-hu.deviantart.com/art…
TigerCat-hu's avatar
Yes, I'll be happy!
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