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This meme is by :iconplexusdynasty: and you can see the original meme here

1) How many OCs do you think you have? (guess! don't cheat) 
Um, I'm only gonna count the main ones that I have getting ready for some Idk. It includes some of the characters' family members. But I won't include them here in any other question.

2) How many OCs do you actually have?
The main ones? About 33. 

3) Can you name all your OCs names by heart? If so, do it.
Crap...okay....I'm not ready....Let's go!: Dheir, Lilac, Varu, Ketty, Bas, Felix, Rixael, Amala, Sheila, Adelola?, Zara, the Being, Zerin, Lifon, Alyssa, Aiden, Jordynn, ...Rosario? Marina!!!, Penndranth or something, Weiss, Jiji, Haku, Udverr........I can't remember....that's 23 out of 33 characters. I'mma look em up now. 

The other ten are: Hailee, Earl, Leslie, Era, E'ha, Frazzy, Masato, Vidar, Melia, and Jaelyn. 

4) Do you have a backstory/ description for each OC?
Not at all, lmao. I'm trying though. I have basic descriptions for all of them, backstories for the some of them. But not all. 

5) How many OCs do you not have art for?
Lifon, Adelola, Frazzy, Vidar, Melia, Era, Earl, Leslie, Marina, Alyssa, Aiden, Jordynn.

6) What is the most amount of art you have for an OC?
Probably Jiji, Dheir, Rixael....yeah...............

7) What is your most expensive OC?
All these characters are ones I made. So Idk. I didn't buy any of them/adopt. WAIT! I did adopt Jiji! He was my first OC ever, and my first adopt ever!!! How could I forget?!

8) How many OCs do you have which you haven't drawn/commissioned in the last month?
Most of them.

9) How many OCs do you own just because it's a species and not because of the design? (you don't have to list them)
I mean.....I don't know. I think this question is relevant for fursonas and stuff. 

10) How many OCs are you trying to sell right now? 
Zero. I am keeping all my pure cinnamon rolls, too good, too pure for this world. Even the fairy thief and the assassin. Alls of thems.

Well this was fun to do! And very relevant for now! 

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i am so ready for a break off of college!!!!!!!!
and im so ready for 2016 to be over

Marlon Webb #JoggingManChallenge Chat/Comment Icon 

maybe......maybe once this year's over.....and i've been thinking about this.....i'll move to another account

i've never done it before, ever, and i feel like i need a fresh start, especially after this horrendous year
and of course i'd link my account so anyone could find me
i'm just thinking about it.....for now.....i mean i've been thinking about it for a while, moving to another account.....i have it ready and everything.....sorta....

anyways what are you guys getting excited for this december??? excited happy HapPY RALPH 
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whats it like to not have social anxiety and to blame yourself for ruining every relationship i ever had because of depression and never talking to anyone

whats it like to pretend im not lonely 

i know what its like to be alone and happy about it because im an introvert

but what about the times when im alone and unhappy

whats it like to have people you can always trust to talk to
whats it like

to be like everyone else

anyways, so the moon is full of cheese, right? and i kinda wanna eat it. i wonder if i eat the magic space cheese, i might get a superpower? hopefully teleportation, so when im alone, i don't have to be in my room all the time, and i can visit landmarks

that would be pretty cool :D
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All this time I've been using FireAlpaca (which is free and a reliable art software), but like...

Why have I never heard of Krita??! Also a free software, but with more tools and is specifically for digital painting??????? 
And has more animation tools than FireAlpaca?????

Who was being quiet HAV - Eleanor of Aquitaine 
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thsi wasnt written by tiagertacaramdlarecins
thiss si her cat

anadg my furry pawsa are typgni as fast as passible t get this infermation out there

do wat ooyou need t do a wiht this videooooooooo-
she spatted me!!.!

signging off fr now,[

Cat :bademoticon: 
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yyyyep. it only took 2 days into NaNoWriMo, something I've been hyping for since August, to fracture a bone my foot! <3

I still have to go to college tomorrow lmao.

the only thing i hated about all this was that it was a little too painful for me to write a simple 600 words to finish today's word count goal. So i need to do exactly that before sleep. still hyped tho!!!
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i may be immobilized from pain on this couch, but i'm still fired up for NaNoWriMo! No matter how much I'm shaking, or tears at my eyes threaten to break free. 

lol, just trying to be a teensy bit poetic in my pain. probably ain't doin' to well with that
hopefully it'll stop swelling and aching w/ pain :D
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I've been wait since, oh I don't know, AUGUST?! That's when I finally discovered National Novel Writing Month. And I've been hyping about it since! I even got my mom and siblings to want to write a novel during the month of November as well!

You don't even have to write a novel, it could be fanfiction (which is what I'm doing. Since fanfic is a good practice run with characters you already know and want to write about). The way to win NaNoWriMo is to achieve a 50,000 word count! I've never written that much! So I'm excited to start!!!

I just need to write at least 1,667 words today to start it off!!!!!!! Also I may or may not be hyped on Halloween candy ;)

Love you guys! Have a great November!!!!!!!!
nanowrimo animation 
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*muffled halloween noises*
Okay, so I need practice drawing people. Humans only, please. No animals/fursonas.
And one per person (for now). Please add the reference of your character in the comment. 

1. nikkithedog3 (done)
2. exxiiled (done)
3. narutowebby (done)
4. sketchypawz
i tried on my costume, which is called the "Unknown Phantom"

and its pretty much just a full length black robe, with a "hood", and glasses, which glow a bright red behind the hood-mask thing. 

my cats and dogs didn't recognize me, and I looked badass as fuck, if not a little blurry through my own eyes

SO READY FOR TRICK OR TREATING!!!! I need that candy corn to function bruh

I might draw myself in the costume later, just so y'all can see! <3

QUICK UPDATE! I looked it up and found a good picture of it! I have the costume, but not the scythe, lol

Image result for unknown phantom
the light fades in and out btw, so it's like im slowly blinking, like an owl waiting for the moment to strike!

kinda wanna learn irish

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 6, 2016, 12:46 PM
fianáin agus cáca, le do thoil :noice: 

took the wrong bus

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 16, 2016, 7:39 PM
lmao okay i took the southbound bus instead of the northbound bus on accident
and was stuck on it for two hours
and then had to walk home from the stop, which is a couple kilometers, so i am beyond Exhausted™
and have homework???! >:B

i am so done
well, at least i accomplished something today
my sister didn't believe me when i said i'm an ordained minister now

Just became an Ordained Minister??!!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 16, 2016, 12:16 PM
just in case, for the future, lol
and honestly, you could too! it takes very little to become an ordained minister, but once you are, you can:

-perform marriages, funerals, baptisms, ceremonial rites, and last rites!
-start your own church (online too if you wanted)
-use the title Reverand, Minister, Healer, Educator, Jedi Knight (not even fucking kidding)

it's pretty fucking cool, and who knows, may come in handy one day??
here's the website in case any of you wanted to:…

if you actually want to perform a marriage though, you have to research the laws in the area/state/country you are in, purchase documents such as marriage licenses, purchase your own certificate of ordination, and have the newly wed spouses sign the documents necessary, as well as a witness or two (you have to sign it as well, as the minister)

it's pretty easy! anyone from the age of 13+ can become an ordained minister, but you really should be 18+ to be able to actually officiate weddings
this includes gay weddings as well, and you don't have to be a certain religion to become an ordained minister! you can even be agnostic/atheist, like i am, and still be a legal ordained minister!!!

also, i'm pretty sure you can't be the minister for your own wedding, in case that was a question. you'd have to have a separate minister to officiate. 


Journal Entry: Sat Aug 13, 2016, 12:59 PM
so my parents and sister came home with a DOG?! a puppy, actually. she's big but CUTE!!!
but she's also incredibly shy and a bit terrified, 

she was the runt that didn't get adopted, and she was in a cage for so long???
we're gonna keep her 5ever her name is Rayn
and i'm so in love!!!!

we just gave her a dog bone and she absolutely loves it! Soon she'll get to meet my other dog, who's freaking out because she's SUPER EXCITED to meet Rayn!!!!!!!


Lmao Just Got Core

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 9, 2016, 11:44 AM
i don't even know what to do lmao????

meme by :iconchoco-chuu:
OC Beginning Meme


1.) Hello there! Welcome to the OC meme. Please introduce the OC you'll be using. What's his/her/its full name?
        I'll be introducing 6 OCs at once, lmao, bc why not? 
            1) Lilac Rosedo
            2) Ketu "Kay" Tiche
            3) Dheir J. "DJ"
            4) Hideoyoshi "Waru" Akio (most people don't know his full name)
            5) Brisingr "Bri" Tiche
            6) Rixael "Rix" Tiago

2.) Lovely. What made you choose this name for your OC?
            1) I made the name on accident once. I was half awake, and I had created a cool AU that I don't exactly remember....???
            2) He was named, in like 2010, after a dragon.
            3) She was named after an imaginary word from a "language" me and a friend had created. It meant "ocean". 
            4) Waru was originally some villain me and a friend made in a roleplay for Bleach.
            5) He was named after my friend's imaginary dragon in 2010. Brother of Ketu. 
            6) Her name, surprisingly, was rather recent. I'm still surprised. I got it from a tumblr post of "what's your angel name", because I was really into Supernatural. I love the name a lot, it sounds nice.

3.) I see. What does your OC think of their name?
            1) She's like, "eh". When you're named after a color, you have a love-hate relationship with it.
            2) He doesn't have much of a problem with it. He secretly adores being called "Kay". 
            3) Oh she loves her name, especially if you call her DJ. It just sounds so cool.
            4) He gave himself the name Waru. Don't call him anything but Waru! Otherwise he'll come after you!
            5) Brisingr is a bit like Kay. He doesn't mind his name. Likes if you call him Bri.
            6) She likes her name. A bit neutral. Call her Rix, if you'd like. 

4.) OK then! Would they change their name if they could? Did they ever go by a different name?
            1) No, not really. As much as one could not like being named after a color, she's pretty okay with it. 
            2) Kay. 
            3) DJ.
            4) Waru. Only call him Waru.
            5) Bri.
            6) Rix.

5.) What is your OC's background? Where did they come from?
    Disclaimer lol, I don't know too much of their past. I'm still working on it. But this is what I've got so far. 

            1) She's got a young brother named Dorian, who's in boarding school. 
            2) His brother is Bri, and he adopted DJ. Maybe Rix too. He's a bit exasperated about that. 
            3) She met Bri and Kay (who adopted her). She's best friends with Rix, who introduces her to more friends, Lilac and Waru. 
            4) He was a single kid. I know for sure his father was Japanese. He had many boyfriends, but none of those relationships lasted long because he's so, well, you'll see.
            5) His brother is Kay, and he's friends with DJ and Rix. Soon Lilac and Waru. Actually, he's in a long distance relationship!!
            6) She's friends with the entire group. She's  kinda adopted them all as family. She's a bit lonely. 

6.) Describe how your OC looks, or just give us a picture. Your call.
    I don't have a pic to go with them YET. Like, I've done refs before, but they have CHANGED. lmao

            1) She's got dark skin, short pink wavy hair, slight side cut like Waru and Rix, lilac eyes (of course), usually a tank top, a crop jacket, sometimes a silly t-shirt with a funny quote or about a fandom, and pants.
            2) He's quite white, has short blue locks (hair), brown eyes, scruffy stubble, and wears a white long-sleeve polo shirt, a sweater vest, and cargo pants. 
            3) She's a smol bean, who's also white like Kay, has short brown hair, grey eyes, and wears silly t-shirts, overalls, and has a flower-pin. 
            4) He's got dark skin too with almost shoulder length hair which is mostly black except for a portion of his hair that is green, yellow eyes, scruffy stubble, silly t-shirts, usually a low purple v-neck, a dark belt, and tight jeans.
            5) He's got long red floofy hair, usually in a pony-tail, startling green eyes, dark skin, scruffy stubble, a black polo t-shirt, pants or skirt, and sometimes a silly t-shirt.
            6) She's got a slight side cut, between white and tan skin, shoulder length purple hair, blue eyes, jeans, a plaid shirt, and sometimes a silly t-shirt. 

7.) Why did you pick your OC to have this appearance?
    Okay it took a long while to even come up with appearances...ESPECIALLY the clothes, because that's always been a weakness when I design.

8.) Does your OC symbolise anything else?
    Lmao, friends. I need friends.

9.) What fandom is your OC from? Or is he/she/it in an Original Story?
            1) None. But I often imagined her as a superpowered teen when I was in the Avengers fandom.
            2) Um, Bleach roleplay.
            3) Technically.....I don't know. She's been present in almost all of them?
            4) Same as Lilac, except he's originated from Bleach roleplay.
            5) Originated from Bleach roleplay as well.
            6) Technically, Supernatural.

10.) I see. Can you summarize your OC's story?

11.) Interesting…Pick two of your other OCs (or characters from a fandom) and describe their relationship, or show us how they normally interact.
            1) Friends with Rix and Waru. Soon to be friends with the other three.
            2) Sort of adopted DJ and Rix, even though Rix is almost his age, lmao. Brothers with Bri.
            3) Adopted Kay, Uncle Bri, Rix, and soon to be friends with Lilac and Waru.
            4) He's friends with Lilac and Rix, soon to be friends with the other three. Maybe even have a certain romantic relationship with someone, muahahahaha!!!
            5) Is brothers with Kay, kinda adopted DJ as his niece, friends with Rix, soon to be friends with the other three, and is in a long distance relationship.
            6) Is friends with Waru and Lilac. Adopted Kay, DJ, and Bri.

12.) When you were making your OC, how did you plan it out?
    HINT: Nothing goes as planned!

13.) Describe your OC's personality.
            1) outgoing, a little disorganized, spontaneous, energetic, thrives on new experiences/adventure, she's a lot like Rapunzel, Olaf the snowman, and Henry from Once Upon a Time.
            2) polite, dutiful, a bit private, easily offended lol, timid, sometimes quite, caring, dependable, strong sense of responsibility, realistic, a little like John Watson, Optimus Prime, Gus from Psych, Hawkeye, and is like the "dad" of the group.
            3) content, self-confident, outgoing, open, decisive, enthusiastic adventure realist who accepts the world as it is, focuses on enjoying new challenges and activities. Like a very young Jim Kirk, or Ginny Weasley.
            4) calls everyone by a pet name, flirty, loves attention, a little irresponsible, a major geek, slightly insensitive, outgoing/extroverted, adventurous, loves new ideas + possibilities, energetic, enthusiastic, spontaneous, deep need to understand the world around him, tries not to show it but deeply cares for invalidation of others, like Shawn Spencer and Tony Stark. 
            5) cares intensely about people and is driven by a need for relational harmony, warmly expressive, empathetic, enjoys helping others, social, emotional, altruistic, involved, open, quite like Juliet O'Hara from Psych, and Martha Jones from DW.
            6) idealist, dreamer, loner, avoidant, passionate about beliefs ideas and relationships, like Lucy from Narnia, Luna Lovegood, and Tina Belcher. 

14.) Why does your OC act this way? Is it because of their past? Or is it because of a certain event or person?
    I can't....not now....ugh

15.) What is one deep dark secret your OC has?
    Skipping, lmao.

16.) What does your OC regret the most?

17.) What is the worst thing that has ever happened to your OC?

18.) What is the best thing that has ever happened to your OC?

19.) Anything extra you want to add?
            1) pansexual, trans, 19 year old
            2) 34 year old
            3) 10 year old
            4) gayyy, 20 year old
            5) mute, an open book tho, 33 year old
            6) ace/aro, nonbinary, 18 year old

20.) Finally, it's over. What does your OC have to say?
    They don't know what's happening right now, they're watching Steven Universe, bye.

21.) What do you want to say?
    Um, if anyone wants to do this meme as well, feel free. The link of the blank meme is at the top! 
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i start classes again on the 15th....but i registered a couple minutes ago so i know what classes i'mma take!!!

i got intermediate art, 2d design, and intro to digital media!!!!!!!

not only that, but i've got anthropology and astronomy

i am so ready 

Happy dance! -Markiplier Free2use Markiplier What? (The Cutest Little Warfstache) :bademoticon: 
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And honestly, why not??? lol

Section One:

1. Name: roxy
2. Nickname(/s): roxy is actually my nickname lol
3. Birthday: 6/25/98
4. That makes you: 18 
5. Where were you born: in a hospital in beverly hills, lmao throw beverly hills chihuahua jokes at me  
6. Location right now: in my room
7. Shoe size:  probably about a 8?
8. How many piercings?: 0
9. Tattoos?: 0
10. When you wake up you're:  tired forever
11. When you’re about to sleep you're: daydreaming so much that i don't actually get any sleep
12. Zodiac sign: Cancer
13. Chinese sign: Tiger
14. Righty or Lefty: righty
15. Innie or Outie: that shit's in son
16. School: community college

Section Two: Looks

17. Nationality: american    
18. Hair color: brown...i haven't dyed it in a while. still wishing for pastel blue   
20. Weight: idk its pretty unhealthy to check all the time. it messes with your head
21. Height: about 5'5''
22. Braces?: lol never
23. Glasses?: no but i have a feeling that it will happen


Section Three: Private Life

24. Do you have a boy/girlfriend?:  nope
25. If so, who?: i'm actually aromantic, and uncomfortable with romance, so it's never gonna happen lmao
26. If not, do you have a crush on someone?: platonish squish on jack and mark lmao they're such wonderful human beings
27. Who has a crush on you?:  the moon
28. Ever cheated on your bf/gf?: yes
29. Who was your first kiss: never happened

30. Who was your last kiss: nah
31. Are you a virgin?:  ye
32. Ever had a threesome before?: no? but a seventeen thousand some? yes

33. Ever had a crush on someone way older?: lmao short story time! so back when i was in middle school and had no idea why i was the way i was (asexual and aromantic), i just wanted to fit in. there was this guy like 2 grades above me (8th??) and i claimed to my friends that i had a secret crush on him. the only reason i picked him was bc he had cool hair lmao. i also claimed i had crushes on like 15 other guys. it was like collectibles. wow. my life is much simpler now that i don't have to conform lol
34. Have you ever been in love?:  what kind of love? like, actual realistic love or society and media's version of love? because its neither lmao 
35. Broken any hearts?: probably. i'm so sorry tantai
36. Got your heart broken?:  yes, by many fandoms. they just write to bring their viewers into despair!
37. Ever liked a friend?:  yeah, i like friends, where can i get some?
38. What happened?: i have poor social skills. i literally never text first. i physically can't bring myself to do it, idk what's wrong with me. i distance myself way too easily too


Section Four: Past Relationships 

39. How many relationships have you been in?: 0. but there was a fantasy one in my head where i made up a character and pretended to be in a relationship to see what'd be like to be like everyone else. i didn't like it. i guess i liked the comfort of companionship, but i didn't like the rest of it
40. How many were serious enough to count:  0. but the fantasy one got pretty serious. it was scary. sorry zerin. lmao i distanced myself from my fantasy relationship. so fucking typical i can't stop laughing
41. Who were those serious ones: ..........
42. Who have you known the longest?:  parents or friends? cuz i had(have) a friend named Yougotink. not linking so she won't find this lmao sorry
43. What made them different: She's a hell of a lot more extroverted than i am. she literally hugged me and said we're gonna be friends literally the moment she saw me. they say that extroverts and introverts become easy friends
44. What happened: idk i haven't talked to her much on skype. i try to make up for my lack of socialization by watching jacksepticeye or markiplier or pewdiepie bc honestly its like having a dorky friend who you don't have to socially interact with but get to hang out with them at the same time
45. Best boy/girlfriend: me
46. Worst boy/girlfriend: lmao
47. Ever been kissed: sounds disgusting, honestly
48. Who do you want back: OreO's discontinued cereal
49. Who do you regret:  i'm trying to think of someone but i tend to not like the idea of regret so i kinda disassociated
50. Why?: ?????

Section Five: Favorites

51. Song: i can never pick a song lmao
52. Movie: httyd, golden compass, avatar, benji
53. Food : pizza, obviously
54. Drink: water seems pretty nice. but i do love milkshakes
55. Store: Target's pretty handy
56. Television show: psych, steven universe, spn, there are others and i have lots but i can't remember them r/n
57. Holiday:  mmmmmm winter break
58. Book: fanfiction

59. Ice cream: chocolate and peanut butter
60. Sweets:  mmmm creme brulee
61. Chips: does Taki's count?
62. Type of music: my faves are too diverse to discern a type

63. Artist: there's too many lmao
64. Word: same
65. Time of day: 3:33 am/pm
66. Dressing: as in clothes? um....flower crowns
67. Alcoholic drink: i don't and won't drink alcohol
68. Color(s): cerulean. i really love the name. but i'm growing more and more fond of green, purple, and pastels

69. Piece of clothing: green socks. they're energetic and silly, like jack
70. Character: i get really attached to characters way too easily. i'm gonna have to pass on this one lmao. honestly though, i'm in way too many fandoms to choose one. too fond of them all lmao
71. Smell: hotel air condition vents, early morning rain/mist/humidity, fresh clothes out the dryer, anything creamy
72. Shampoo: none
73. Soap: idc, there's too many brands i could care less about
74. Smiley:  La la la la 

75. Board game: life, probably
76. Sport: dodgeball
77. Number: 3
78. Quote: "the real meaning in life is to eat all the cheese you can before the evil bunnies come and take it away from you"
79. Animal: CATS
80. Actor: markiplier. i think he said he kinda wanted an acting role? so he counts right? 
82. Vegetable: uh, corn or broccoli
83. Fruit: seedless cherry
84. Place to be: anywhere that calms my soul

85. Thing in your room: fans. i need the cold air. i'm melting.
86. Gum:  fresh mint. but i don't really like gum
87. Shape: i hear that circles and spheres are friendly shaped

88. Country: dominica (not republic)
89. Mall: not really my thing. also i thought they were all just called "Mall"s lmao
90. Car: cars are scary, no thnx
91. Boy's name: Rixael
92. Girl's name:  Rixael
93. Family member: my cats
94. Restaurant: krispy kreme. it IS my fave.
95. Movie place: the theater
96. Person to go to the movies with: myself. my siblings literally never stop eating, and they always chew with their mouths open. one day i will fling them into the sun
97. Noise: the rain
98. Brand of shoe: none
99. Brand of clothing: lmao i wear men's clothes when i can because women's is always so see through, thin, small, and v-neck, so i'm not familiar w/ any brands
100. Body part of a chicken:  any of the good meat. none of that disruptive bone shit

101. Swear word:  jävla smörgåstårta
102. Month:  december. it just is so close to the next year. so much excitement! and a good end to the year
103. Possession: computer? pencil? sketchbook? idk. anything that keeps me entertained. i like to live in the moment
104. Team: Instinct
105. Season:  fall, mmmmmm
106. Radio station: 104.3 MyFM
107. Magazine: none
108. Favorite grade:  none
109. Least favorite grade:  middle school
110. Teacher: señora avalos
111. Least favorite teacher: mr. miller
112. Subject: art
113. Subject to talk about: my passions: aka not school subjects (except for art, but i don't limit that to school)


Section Six: Family

114. Who's your mom?: she's a doctor and wears the pants of the house. she used to be a biology teacher too. super experienced and has been through the most schooling (up to med school)
115. Who's your dad?: he's currently workin' in a factory as well as a bar. he never really gets a break. he just wants to own a restraunt and food truck
116. Any step-parents?:  no, none of them can tap dance
117. Any brothers?: yes. ew. one.
118. Any Sisters?: yes. one. ew.
120. Coolest: me
121. Loudest: my sis and bro. they yell about the most ridiculous things. pls stop, both of you,, for my sanity
122. Best relative: my cats
123. Worse relative: my Aunt™ 
124. Do you get along with your parents?:  yeah pretty much
125. With your siblings?: sometimes. you know how it is. one day your friend. the next hour your enemy.
126. Does anyone understand you?: apparently tumblr users are very relatable
127. Do you have any pets?: 2 cats, 1 dog, 2 turtles, like 30 fish
128. If so, what kind and name?:  Thor, Loki, Amber, ???????????????????????????????? (yes i counted those. its 32)
129. If not, what do you want as a pet?: a snow leopard lmao. if not, then a skunk. they have the cutest faces omg.


Section Seven: School

131. Are you still in school?: yes. no. i'm on break for 2 weeks. then i go to fall semester
132. Did you drop out?: nope
133. Your current GPA: it was like a 3.8??? maybe idr
134. Do you buy or bring lunch?:  highschool: had to get free lunch, now: sandwich +protein bar
135. ABC's?: i got more A's and B's then anything else. but idk if thats what this question is asking
136. Favorite class: beginning drawing, lmao, which is the class i just finished yesterday. my first college class. 
137. Play any sports at school?:  no
138. Are you popular?: no. but i was recognizable enough that people i'd never seen before knew my name. i guess they just noticed the one person that got to high school at 5 in the morning and hang around art class and made jokes??? but not the popular you're thinking. just noticable 
139. Favorite memory: disneyland grad night
140. Most humiliating moment: i don't remember. i guess the time i had to retake my chemistry class. it was the only class i had a D in
141. Most funniest moment: back in freshman year, there were these guys that were walking by my table and idk wtf was wrong with me because i had a plain plastic waterbottle on my table and for some reason i thought they were gonna steal it, even though they weren't even looking at me, and i yelled NOOO!!!!!! and clutched the waterbottle close to me. everyone stared.
142. Most scared moment: any time i had to present. also, graduation. scary shit man. 


Section Eight: What do you think of when you hear...

145. Chicken: i remember when i lived in Dominica and i woke up to their calls in the morning. it was soothing?
146. Dog: i like cats more
147. Christina Aguilera: i recognize that name
148. Ricky Martin: memes!!!!
149. 50 cent: rapper, right?
150. Poop:cute poop: poop emoji
151. Beach: ocean
152. Desert: nah. i hate it. but sometimes it does contain fennec foxes
153. Water: it keeps me alive i guess
154. Osama: bin laden?
155. Love: it's overrated most of the time
156. Your little brother:  stop👏playing👏your👏music👏at👏4👏in👏the👏morning👏you👏clod
157. Butt: overrated
158. Clowns: poor sam winchester
159. Wonder: woman
16o. Brown: my hair
161. Banana: phone
162. Sex: hmmm, fanfiction? 👌 👀 💀
163. Parents: yeha...thanks my mans, i guess,,,,
164. Homosexuals: they good, they good,, LGbtqA+ family
165. God: ew stop. i'm tired,,


Section Nine: Do you believe in

166. God: lmao i'm agnostic. if he or any other gods/godesses are real, i'm so done w/ them
167. Heaven: pizza, obviously. unless you;re talking religion, bc then i'd have to just say that its a fucked up manipulative concept
168. Devil: um, republicans
169. Hell:  summer heat
170: Boogy man:  all i can think of is Nightmare Before Christmas
171. Closet Monsters: Monsters Inc....also, since you;re asking, well, if mythical creatures ARE real, why bother with huumans? they're too violent and overrated. they probably hitched a ride on UFO's, which collected all the more superior beings, and took them away, evacuating them from the human infested earth, so no i don't think they're in our closets
172. Fortune tellings:  nah. zodiacs however...damn that shit accurate af
173. Magic: sometimes. we;re just in the one alternate dimension with none
174. Love at first sight: which do you mean? attraction at first sight? or fondness/relatability/compassion at first sight?
175. Ghosts: a little...yeah but theyre bored of us. if i were a ghost, id live at a theater and watch all the new movies
176. Voo-doo dolls: ew. scary. stop. no
177. Reincarnation: sometimes, sure, it seems pretty plausible
178. Yourself: i have to be my best fan. my closest friend, my naruto. yes i believe in myself. well actually, reality is fake, so idk now


Section Ten: Do you

179. Smoke: nope
180. Do drugs: no
181. Drink alcohol: no
182. Cuss: yeah why not, lets do it
183. Sing in the shower:  used too, back in like, 2010. but now i just daydream i guess
184. Like school: i have mixed feelings
185. Want to get married: no. no kids either. that's toxic shit right there
186. Type with all of your fingers:  mostly my right hand. and maybe a couple other fingers on my left. 
187. Think you're attractive: in my own way. but what are you asking? sexually? romantically? bc then, no, because fuck that, i;m tired and i'm not into those kind of restrictive limitations and expectations
188. Drink and drive:  no. i don;t drive either.
189. Snore: idk
190. Sleep walk: no. 
191. Like watching sunrises and sunsets: nah, they hurt my eyes watching for too long. i do like glancing at them tho

Section Eleven: Have you ever

192. Flashed someone: my cats, bc those clingy mfs keep following me into the bathroom and i've given up kicking them out. whatever horrors they see in there is their faults lmao haha
193. Gotten so drunk you threw up everywhere: no
194. Told that person how you felt: ??? i have told ppl i'm clearly not interested, so that there were no miscommunication going on
195. Been arrested: no
196. Gone to jail or juve:  no
197. Skateboarded: lmao i tried and failed so bad. i scootered tho. hit my ankles so many times. i'm broken now. 
198. Skinny dipped: nope
199. Rock climbed:  yes. hated it bc it meant i was outside.
200. Killed someone: no
201. Watched porn: yeah
202. Gone on a road trip:  lol yeah. it was hell, because we went 3,000 miles. literally. i moved like 3 times to each coast of the US
203. Went out of the country:  lived in dominica, visited guatemala, met horrible airport staff in puerto rico

204. Talked back to an adult: obviously. i live in america. there are horrible adults out there (esp relatives like a certain Aunt™)
205. Broken a law: what no never
206. Got pulled over: No
208: Cried to get out of trouble: lol yeah
209. Let a friend cry on your shoulder:  yep
210. Kissed a brother's or sister's friend: nope
211. Kissed a friend's brother or sister: nope
212. Dropped something on the floor and let someone eat it anyways:  lmao yes. i wanna do it again to my sibs as payback for a certain fishstick
213. Moon someone: ??? is that the same thing as flashing? bc no
214. Shop-lifted: nope
215. Worked at McDonald's: no
216. Eaten a dog:  no 
217. Give money to a homeless person:  yes
218. Glued your hand to yourself:  yes, but its not that severe. its just sticky
219. Kissed someone of the same sex:  no
220. Had a one night stand:  no
221. Smoked: no
222. Done drugs:no
223. Lose a friend because of your ex: no

224. Slap someone for being stupid: yes
225. Had cyber sex: wonder i was grounded.....lmao middle school years
226. Wish you were the opposite sex: yes and no. i thought i was trans. then realized i'm actually nonbinary
227. Caught someone doing something: like what?
228. Played a game that removes clothing: no
229. Cried during a movie: yes, obviously
230. Cried over someone: yes 
231. Wanted to hook up with a friend:  no
232. Hooked up with someone you barely met: no
233. Ran away from home: no. but i told my mom i would back when i lived on the island and i was like 11 years old and my mom was like "lol, and live in a palm tree with the centipedes?" and i was like shit good point
234. Cheated on a test: yeah. school is about survival man. highschool was tough shit. grades were the only thing that mattered about you.

Section Twelve: Would you

235. Bungee jump: yes please
236. Sky dive: yes please
237. Swim with dolphins:  YES PLEASE
238. Steal a friend's bf or gf: no
239. Try to be the opposite sex: lmao i tried
240. Lie to the police: yes. i don't like those mfs. they're pretty dodgy
241. Run from the police: ?
242. Lie to your parents: lying is a human quality btw, and parents aren't always perfect
243. Back stab a friend for your own well being: no. but if i had to ignore something they said for my own sanity, like if they supported guns, then i'd ignore it. ppl have different opinions. some are harmful towards a friendship. others you just gotta ignore. not worth the debate. 
244. Be an exotic dancer: nah, i don't wanna
245. Run through your neighborhood naked for money: no


Section Thirteen: Are you

246. Shy: yes, please don;t read this
247. Loud: i can be. i can enunciate. 
248. Nice: yes, unless you give me a reason not to be
249: Outgoing: i'm trying okay
250: Quiet: a lot of the time i can be pretty withdrawn
251. Mean:  i can and will be when i have to.
252. Emotional: yeah, i have the feels
253. Sensitive: yes
254. Gay: nah but sometimes i wish. i may love being Ace and Aro, but i wonder what it'd be like to feel what everyone else feels 
255. Strong: ye. unless i'm fighting a spider. 100/10 will scream and cry
256. Weak: ye
257. Caring: i try okay
258. Dangerous: lol not really. i got some sick puns sometimes tho
259. Crazy: a little, maybe
260. Spontaneous: i'm an infp and isfp 
261. Funny: yes yes buckaroo
262. Sweet:  lmao i don't know
263. Sharing: hmm, i try
264. Responsible: lmao no
265. Trustworthy: it depends. if its a secret, then yeah, if its responsibility, then no
266. Open-minded: yes, i try my best
267. Creative: i try okayyyy
268. Cute: uWu
269. Slick: with my puns lmao
270. Smart: i got my own kind of smarts
271. Dumb: i once said that there were 100 minutes in an hour (this was two months ago)
272. Evil: hmm, nah, chaotic neutral
273. Ghetto: that's really offensive and used primarily for institutionalized racism
274. Classy: lmao nope
275. Photogenic:  no, unless its silly pics
276. Dependable: see number 265
277. Greedy: ye
278. Ugly: no, its really unhealthy to believe that you are
279. Messy: yes. very
280. Neat: sometimes. but not often
281. Perverted: honestly yeah i'm pretty f'd up
282. Silly: i came out to have a good time and i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now
283. A Bitch: that's pretty sexist bruh. not just whatever the fuck gender i am, but because its used and created to put down women.
284. A Good Listener: i try
285. A Fighter: i suck at confrontation, but i have many opinions about many things and will be very passive aggressive
286. A Party Animal: no
287. A Game Freak: depends on the game
288. A Computer Freak: yeppp

Section Fourteen: Future

289. Dream job:  i;m still not sure but i kinda hope it's art related
290. Dream house:  a nice apartment for me and my 3 cats
291. Husband/Wife: no
292. Kids: no
293. Names: my future sphynx cat's name will be Mira. you can call her Ra if you'd like though.
294. Pets: 3 cats (2 down, 1 to go, lmao)
295. Car: a bicycle
296. Age you would want to get married: i was about to say 420 as a joke but because i am immortal, i'd rather not be bound by my words that were said at 18
297. Best Man/Bride's Maid: no
298. Honeymoon: i want to go to the moon and yell about cheese


Section Fifteen: Your friends  

299. Best friend: me. honestly, the only person i've really spent time with lately is me.
301. Craziest: me lmao
302. Loudest: me
303. Shyest: me
304. Best hair: Yougotink
305. Best eyes: me, lmao jk, Yougotink
306. Best body: idk???
307. Most Athletic: probably Yuki by default
308. Hot-Tempered: me
309. Most impatient: ...........i'm not answering that lol
310. Shortest: probably me
311. Tallest: probably Yougotink
312. Skinniest: lmao Yougotink
313. Best singer: i think Yuki wants to be in a band
314. Funniest: me lmao watch out imma be the comedian of the group, i've declared the title, no one is allowed to throw down any gauntlets that title is MINE
315. Can always make you laugh: jacksepticeye. lmao i know i've never met the guy but he told his viewers that he's our friend, even if we never ever talk, and that's a comfort. also he's funny as twisty fresh nipples
316. Wish you talked to more: everyone
317. Wish you saw more: everyone
318. Who drives you insane after a while: hmmmmmmmmmmmm..................its more of WHAT drives me insane.
319. Who you can stay around forever and never get sick of: i'm still foreign to the concept of healthy socialization
320. Ever lose a friend because you took it to the 'next level': no. unless that 'next level' is moving from california to an island outside of the country lmao sorry crystal
321. Whose always been there when you need them: .....
322. Who is like your family: my cats. family is a bit of an aggressive concept. 
323. How many friends do you have?: me, Yuki, Yougotink, my 2 cats.......5?
324. How many are really close?: me. and i guess my cats are close lmao

Section Sixteen: The last

325. Thing you ate: a muffin
326. Thing you drank: water
327. Thing you wore:  what i'm wearing now
328. Thing you did: change the song on youtube
329. Place you went: staples? probably
330. Thing you got pierced or tattooed:  Soon.
331. Person you saw: my mom or dad, i can't remember who passed by my room
332. Person you hugged: my cat
333. Person you kissed: no
334. Person you poked: my cat's nose
335. Person you talked to onlineTumbleweed 
336. Person you talked to on the phone: my mom
337. Song you heard: ALL THE WAY - Jacksepticeye
338. Show you saw: an episode of Psych
339. Time you fought with your parents:  um, i don't have that great of a memory
340. Time you fought with a friend:  lmao i try to never to fight with them because i have an irrational fear that they will leave me abruptly, even though i feel like we're all already slowly slipping away from each other anyway
341. Words you said:  "lmao"


Section Seventeen: Now

343. What are you eating: no
344. What are you drinking: no
345. What are you thinking: i have something in my eye?
346. What are you wearing: pants and shirt
347. What are you doing: this
349. Hair: short, curly, and wild
350. Mood: tired, slight migraine, but happily releasing so much personal info to the internet, even though if i stood in front of any of you face to face i wouldn't say shit
351. Listening to: I'm a Pretty Girl - Pewdiepie.....which reminds me that i should stop putting on Autoplay on youtube...
352. Talking to anyone: no
353. Watching anything: The blades in my fan spin. it's pretty calming


Section Eighteen: Yes or No

354. Are you a vegetarian: no, animals are delicious
355. Are you a carnivore: um, i'm omnivore son
356. Are you heterosexual: no. i don't think i'd like to be either. 
357. Do you like penguins: i like cats more. do penguins have knees?
358. Do you write poetry: i tried. i actually kinda wanna write fanfiction, but i procrastinate too much to do that
359. Do you see stupid people: no, i'm alone in my room with my cats
360. You + Me: no thank you
361. Do you like the Osbournes: who?
362. Can you see flying pigs: police ride in helicopters sometimes don't they?
363. Do you sleep with stuffed animals on your bed: no. but my red panda named Brisingr is pretty close by
364. Are you from Afghanistan: no
365. Is Christina Aguilera ugly: who?
366. Are you a zombie: lemme bite you to check
367. Am I annoying you: some of these questions are making me question your personality
368. Do you bite your nails:  no
369. Can you cross your eyes: it hurts stop
370. Do you make your bed in the morning: people make their beds?
371. Have you touched someone's private part: no. sounds disgusting. 


Section Nineteen: This or That

372. Winter or Summer: winter
373. Spring or Autumn: fall
374. Shakira or Britney: shakira of course. have you heard of her history? she's pretty inspirational
375. MTV or VH1:  ew
376. Black or White:  both. they contrast each other so well omg
377. Yellow or Pink: yellow can be a bit much on the eyes. even if it's not saturated. so i choose pink
378. Football or Basketball: neither
379. Mobile Phone or Pager: what's a pager?
380. Pen or Pencil: pencils with erasers. closest reality has to the undo button
381. Cold or Hot:  depends
382. Tattoos or Piercings: i wish i had tattoos
383. Inside or Outside: inside is safe
384. Weed or Alcohol: no
385. Coke or Pepsi: actually, i no longer drink soda. so i'll be fine with pink lemonade please
386. Tape or Glue: duct tape is less messy
387. McDonald's or In-n-Out: in-n-out. but honestly? chick-fil-a

Section Twenty: Opinions

388. What do you think about classical music: i guess it can be calming sometimes
389. About boy bands: nah, it depends
390. About suicide: i understand why it happens, and that there's different circumstances, but for the preventable ones, all i have to say is imagine all the movies you're missing out of? all of your future favorite songs? videos? books? all the cats and dogs you'll never see or pet? all the opportunities. i personally don't want to miss out on that, no matter how much i may suffer.  
391. About people who try to force their opinions on you: i can't handle it. it's so gross. 
392. About teen pregnancy:  different circumstances happen. especially a lack of proper sex education in schools. and rape. so i'd guess i'd say that this concept connects to pro-choice pretty strongly for me
393. Where do you think you'll be in 10 years: i don't know. and that's the excitement of it i guess
394. Who do you think you'll still be friends with in 5 years: i hope all 5 of my friends
395. About gay men: you seem to have a lot of questions on this one? whatever your sexuality happens to be is your sexuality? all i have to say is, no matter who you are, as long as you don't disrespect the existence of others, especially for some meager "reason" like you're "uncomfortable" with their existence, then we're good


Section Twenty-One:

396. Do you have a website: no
397. Current weather right now: its california,, what do you think
398. Current time: 4:46 pm
399. Any shout outs: I wish you remained our President, but for all your hard work and effort against the odds of Congress, thanks Obama!
                                      Dat Ass OBAMA 
400. Last thoughts: i'm pretty insecure sometimes, and i'm an enigma wrapped in a chili cheese burrito, but maybe you're reading these answers to know more about me, and honestly i don't blame you bc i keep a lot of shit to myself. unless you're only reading this because you copied all the questions, along with my answers for your own journal, and are reading mine before erasing them and writing your own. if so, then lmao i did the same with the person before me, no worries bud. i tried to make it easier for you, i underlined literally ALL 400 questions. took forever, but the contrast is better for actually reading the answers. have a great day!!!

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my summer class finally ended omg
i am so tired but so ready for a two week break lmao why only two weeks im crying

maybe i'll get back to those "free requests" from that journal i posted like last month
im so sorry, i'll do my best 
i mean, im an incredible procrastinator


aLSO, for those who are reading this,, if any, lmao, here's some music i literally cannot stop singing
please there is no end
end me
throw marshmallows at me until i am lying on a plush bed of soft and squishy marshmallows of various colors and sizes that slowly melt and i am left suffering but close enough to available sugary foods

ignore whatever the hell i said up there lmao i can't stop saying lmao
one day i'll look back on this journal and be like wtf is she high, but no,, i just like memes, weird humor, and had two cups of coffee today bc two final projects were due

but its definitely worth looking back on lmao
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