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Soooo.... I'm still here. I still check DA every few days and read messages. I still post art from time to time, although I get home fairly late in the evening now and time for art is a bit squeeze.

I don't really have a lot to say in terms of journal updates though ^_^; so don't expect to see too many journals from me. See you in the art section instead.

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Soooo here's a sorta update...without having anything to show for it yet ^_^;

Things appear to be a bit quiet around here lately, but I have been doing work in the background almost every evening after work and most of the weekends.  I've currently thrown myself into a personal project (something I specifically gave up AmeCon to work on) and long-term followers of my DeviantArt should be in for quite a recognisable treat once I've got enough material together to launch it :aww: I first need to get a backlog built up, so it will be a few months yet (at best!) before I have anything to show.  I'm also getting used to new software while I go, so I'm hoping to get quicker at using it as time goes on. My new Cintiq is holding up well to the task, something I was a little worried about as I didn't think I was able to get the settings to exactly match my old Cintiq, but now I'm up and running I've barely noticed any difference :D My right arm, on the other hand, is suffering a little from all the work I've suddenly piled onto it after years of being out of practice at this particular kind of work XD

MAN UP, ARM! :iconwthplz:

I have been doing other things here and there too. Anyone who has spotted the new Otaku Calendar website (an incredibly helpful calendar service for all of us anime and manga fans, populating itself with events, release dates, and so forth, of all our favourite conventions, DVD releases, and so forth) may recognise the mascot, Yomi, who I created for them and am currently working on a few other versions of her ^_^ You can take advantage of the Otaku calendar doing all of your personal assistant work for you here www.otakucalendar.com

This month is also Hallowe'en of course! I am not planning on doing any artwork for this holiday, due to time being better spent elsewhere, but I am going to be taking a break on October 31st to GTFO the house in the evening. I am not a 'kid' person, and I don't like having to communicate with children knocking on my door threatening to take away my chocolate by bribery of pulling a trick on me, so we are continuing our tradition of Pissing Off Elsewhere until it's late enough for the kids to be back indoors XD Our plans are, as usual, to go to the nearest Toys'R'Us (ironically, the ONLY place on Hallowe'en where there are no children at all) followed by a meal at Frankie & Bennys :) I do love F&B's on Hallowe'en, the staff dress up to the occasion but there's rarely any shitty kids around to scream. My perfect night out :D

Over & out! :heart:

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AmeCon 2012 amecon.org was held at the weekend just gone at Keele University :aww: I was massively busy (17 hour working days is NOT an exaggeration XD) but I think it's been the best one ever. It overtook 2007 by miles as my favourite AmeCon to date ^____^

Hopefully we managed to put on a good show for everyone :3 There were so many improvements this year over 2010, and so many new additions (All Day Western Karaoke Booth, anyone? So many people loved this addition! XD ) and things were generally very much improved and people seemed to enjoy themselves a lot more.  There were a couple of issues over the weekend,  one which was a surprise on the day and out of our control, the other we became aware of shortly before the event but moved mountains to try and create a temporary fix for about 95% of it.  Both have been dealt with going forwards, so the new Committee won't have these problems plaguing them in 2014 :)

I say 'the new Committee' because 2012 was my last AmeCon on the Committee ^^; I wish the new team all the best though, it's been left in good hands, and I'll definitely be there for the next one helping out :D (or sat on a deck chair watching everyone else rushing around ;P )

There is a LOAD of AmeCon artwork that I need to upload though, prepare for notification spammage! XD


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I've been TRYING to upload art for the last few days....

But it won't let me! :iconimhorrifiedplz:  it keeps getting stuck at X%, or it gets to the 'processing' stage and hangs there eternally. Any ideas? :iconcryforeverplz:

(maybe it saw that I barely uploaded anything since December and thinks it's unusual activity for me XD; )

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Hurr hurr!

Just a quick note to say that AmeCon 2012 is fast approaching - almost 2 months to go!  Not signed up yet? Rectify that now by visiting www.amecon.org :aww:

We have recently announced that we are now accepting applications for Artists Alley dealer tables at AmeCon 2012! Run by the fabulous :icondestinyblue: Artists Alley dealer tables are free for anyone registered to attend the convention for them to sell their work, but places are limited! Please see this amecon.org/event/core-event/ar… for more details ;P

Hope to see you there ^____^

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