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I wanted to draw fan art in a long time and what a perfect opportunity!
Hope you like it and tell me, what other character I should draw :3

Also, commissions are open so get yours!!!
Ask for the new Bust shot commissions!

You can support my artwork!

You can ask them anything!

Also, thanks for coming to my streaming on…
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Ultimateierocookie's avatar
I would absolutely love to rp this
Sleepless-Raven67's avatar
thats so fucking hot dayyum i would love to summon more tentacles Nosebleed 
Oh-oh my... OMFG *BOOOOM*
Servbot64's avatar
f2u YATO ICON yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Thedreadedpixel's avatar
FPSperson10's avatar
Damn dem blue nipples are hot
gigasghast9001's avatar
zant's curse is getting stranger by the minute
CSbrony's avatar
I have a thing for chub, so this pleases me greatly. :D
Fierce-Dities-Link's avatar
You Look So Sexy Midna! I'm in love! X3
Heges's avatar
seen enough hentai to know where this is going..

Really love the high contrast shading on the nippes and the legs
SeiberSaiban's avatar
Lips are gonna have teeth marks after this.
Very nice.                                                                                               Midna~ 
MuscleMan86's avatar
Ah yes, Imp Midna. May I suggest any of the Eevee evolutions. Haven't done that for a while.
C1NGL's avatar
Bifros's avatar
Do you offer higher resolutions of your work? For science.
ThePsychoDog's avatar
If I could make a suggestion, top it off with another Zelda character.
MagicMaster390's avatar
And thats what midna's punishment when Zant took over
Ashborne-Demon's avatar
Love your style and this looks awesome! Keep up the good work!
DeadCobra's avatar
So wonderful :lovelyeyes: Horny! 
VixyNyan's avatar
My most favorite Midna of all time~ the curvy hips, the yummy boobies, the long beautiful hair~ ^w^ :heart: :heart: :heart: 
ronan11231's avatar
Ooh Midna is cute!
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