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Crow Wallpaper

download for full sized image :)

Please comment or fav. Over 18 000 downloads and hardly recieved any comments or feedback :( You suck if you can't even bother to take the time to say thx.

Egypt Wallpaper [link]
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I remember seeing this ages ago—probably when it was new—and only now joined (after taking the time to navigate to your page) just to say how much I love it. Reminds me of Nick Bantock's Griffin and Sabine.

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Beautiful work! Used on my WIX. 
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Cool pic! Thanks :)
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Love the image, very atmospheric.
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Great Image, thanks for sharing with us.
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The crow wallpaper is great! Nice job! 
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This is wonderfully evocative.
Maybe my favourite piece on deviantart, cheers!
Always been my favorite wallpaper--adding to a new computer today. Thanks!  :-)
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This is fabulous!  I love how dreamy and kind of mysterious it is.  Gorgeous!  Sorry you aren't getting much feedback.
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I really like how blurred the crow is plus the circle around it makes it perfect. The writing on the old paper behind and all the other small details give it an expression of a bird that is part of the nature and has a hidden knowledge that nobody knows about.  

Cool wallpaper, bit too small for my desktop. :( Still great picture though!
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Thank you for posting this - it's just beautiful! I also found you through the i09 article, and clicked it especially to see the artist credit. :-) 
Found you from (…) This painting is amazing.
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Love this, might incorporate it into my fb cover if that is ok. Sent a Llama also.
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I can take the time to say thanks... THANKS!  :)
This is beautiful! Reminds me of Dave Mckean.
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Another Io9 person who just had to see the original. 

Great job!
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I too followed a link from the Io9 article.  Beautiful piece! definitely downloading for wallpaper.  Very evocative without being too heavy.  You struck a really nice balance with it.
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