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About Deviant Artist Tyler SimonMale/Canada Group :iconphilosophical-poetry: Philosophical-Poetry
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American Dream
I find myself elated
At such dark and dull a prospect
This life is going places
At what cost, I can't be bothered
I find myself excited
At the buzz of my alarm
Surprises are unwelcome
I'll stick to my routine
I find myself fast sleeping
At the wheel of my own life
I veer across the freeway
While I'm still safely dreaming
I've still got the fire
I've still got the fight
I'm working my way up there
One desk job at a time
:icontiger-simian:tiger-simian 3 2
Dawn's First Light
A slowly building tension
These lines laid down at dawn's breaking
Fuel the need now to make, create
Figures deserving of righteous redemption
To guide us in glory to holy ascension
Out of darkness, out of hell proper
Rising tides break loudly below us
Bones broken before, no longer aching
In flight from our tombs
We've escaped hell's vast stopper
:icontiger-simian:tiger-simian 0 0
Softly ringing in my ear
Is this what all the others hear?
A voice so light, much like a bell
Guiding me straight down to hell
Now smiling lips spread wide with glee
Is this what all the others see?
A face so sweet, much like a doll
From which rings out this ghastly call
And from my face skin starts to peel
Is this what all the others feel?
I'm falling now, I'm falling down
My scalp adorned by one huge crown
As heat fast builds, I crave a drink
Is this what all the others think?
Before eternal, damning fire
Steals song out from each harp and lire
:icontiger-simian:tiger-simian 2 3
Still Life
A top suspended mid spin
And a jack-in-the-box just half-sprung
A house of cards paused mid-tumble
And a doll that's been dropped now half-fallen
A boy's curious eyes absorb it all
These toys stopped in action and in fall
Before the top slows and falters
And the jack-in-the-box springs fully out
Before the house of cards crumbles
And the doll finds its way down to earth
:icontiger-simian:tiger-simian 0 0
Silence is a virtue
A silent man should not be overlooked
For each unspoken word there is a thought
A silent man cannot be denounced
For he voices no belief
A silent man does not speak
For he knows words are forgotten
:icontiger-simian:tiger-simian 9 15
Chaos Rampant
Madness runs rampant through our fair city
The destruction that's wrought, it sure is a pity
One man sits atop this new wave of fire
No longer is he made to wait and conspire
The streets worship him as their malevolent god
Each filthy denizen is bedazzled and awed
By this mighty spectre, this man dressed in red
As though from a match head, sparks from his tongue fly
Where each word lands flames stretch to the sky
His arms sweep out wide in grandiose gestures
While to his dark students he dutifully lectures
On the greatness of chaos and the boredom of patterns
On the futility of man and yet how he matters
And all is for naught for the flames crowd around them
His death is his life and it's marked by his emblem
:icontiger-simian:tiger-simian 0 0
A device which has not an inventor
Is no device at all
For if it is not of intelligence
It is of stupidity
And as such only serves to further ignorance
To advance the decay of advancement
And to destroy man's greatest gift: the mind
A device which has not an inventor
Is an artifice born of nature
An abomination
And an affront to the natural order
A river is stupid, a canal is progress
A forest fire is ignorant, a cooking fire is advance
A metal is natural, a weapon is scientific
The mind, man's greatest gift gives us the power to shape our world
And remake it in our image
Earth will be a device; a device with purpose
And man will be it's inventor
:icontiger-simian:tiger-simian 0 4
Do Not Fear
Do not fear the blind man
Who does not see your face
He cannot see the dress you wear
Nor all its ruined lace
Do not fear the angel
Who judges with a gun
He does not see your darkened mind
But only what you've done
Do not fear the blacksmith
Who first gave man the sword
He may be selling death to us
But now we'll not be bored
Cry not for the broken hearted
Cry not for the dead
Cry not for the weak of spirit
Nor for those who've led
:icontiger-simian:tiger-simian 2 18
City Life
My eyes open to the dark
And there is no sound
Rising is a chore, for my limbs are weary
And like stones try to drag me back down
I get up
I eat
There comes the familiar drip, drip of water from the pipes
As old and rusty as the city
But now a glow comes from the window
Not the glow of fire and death
But of a new sun rising over this dead place
And life is breathed into it by its brightness
And its purity
And it cleanses the city
Cars move in the once stagnant streets
And the sound of them fills up the air
The drip, drip grows louder
Not a product of decay
But the newly stirred heart of the city
Each beat meets a brighter light from the horizon and passer-by turn to stare
At the fiery birth occurring right there in front of them
Then they hurry off, their lives stretching out ahead of them
I watch all this from my tiny window
And I eat
:icontiger-simian:tiger-simian 0 0
Dreams are swirling in my head
As I'm laying down to bed
Thoughts profound and thoughts mundane
A vision of a weather vane
Sleep Creeps up while I'm awake
And in the dark my dreams will take
A turn, likewise, towards the black
I've rowed out far, no turning back
Faces, faces, everywhere
All my own but with pink hair
Each of my many faces sings
And floats about on silvered wings
Running now, I pump each foot
But soon I start to cough up soot
All around the fires burn
I stand aghast and slowly turn
In my bed; it's now a mess
But solemly I must confess
On my sheets I see ghost flames
I'm rather sleepy, all the same
:icontiger-simian:tiger-simian 0 4
Mature content
If you like zombies... :icontiger-simian:tiger-simian 0 4

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Tyler Simon
Current Residence: Vancouver, BC
Favourite genre of music: Alternative Rock
Operating System: Windows
I don't know what exactly it is about winter that I love so much.  I suppose I really just like the idea of winter and the imagery it represents: the cold, the snow, clear blue skies that seem to LOOK cold, the flat greyness of an overcast sky.  I like to think about these things and I regularly draw inspiration from them but I don't actually like being out in the cold.  I guess I'm just a hypocrite when it comes to weather :P
  • Listening to: Weezer
  • Reading: World War Z
  • Watching: The Big Lebowski
  • Playing: Half-Life 2: Episode 2
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