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mmmmmmm... Im bored... mmmm... this is so boring... welp... IDK why I’m even typing this... well... IDK... Mmm.

Cat or dog? Which one do you like better?

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    Cat mya!
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    Dog rarf!

A guide/warning to new cat owners

A guide/warning to new cat owners

I am a cat owner. Which is why I'm making this JOURNAL to both experiment with the limits of deviant art, and also to warn you that your cat is an alien. Have fun and good luck to all yo cat owners 🙃! 😺is 👂, and 👁 ➡️ 😳 ... First, you need to know some things that are ESSENTIAL if you own a cat. : =Puppy eyes: this is a way for you to feel so freakin bad for your cat, so you’ll end up giving him/her to much food and make your cat FAT. =Be prepared for waking up in 3:00 AM in the morning to give your cat food, and he/she will give you the puppy eyes and you can’t not give it to them, those eyes are so cute! =Poop. the gross, disgusting, thing that every living thing produces. Which includes cats, and if you piss your cat off or forget to clean the litter box, you cat onna piss on du wall. And you still have to clean the litter box 3x-2x a day.

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ThanXXX for the “Mameluke Armoured Cavalryman Finished” Fav, I really appreciate it!

This is an A4 Graphite Drawing inspired by the Work of Dr. Zvonimir Grbasic and Velimir Vuksic.

I coloured my Drawing with PhotoShop CS2.

Saladin in the thirteenth Century based his military power on the Mamelukes.

These were slaves or prisoners offered freedom in exchange for military service.

Stay Safe!


Tiger-doggyNew Deviant

You too, i have never tried using photoshop for arting,

i usually use metabang paint for anything including digital art.

I've been using PhotoShop since version one and before that Digi~Paint on the Amiga and even before that MacPaint on the Macintosh Classic in the 1980's!


evangeline40003Professional Writer


Tiger-doggyNew Deviant


Welcome, :3

i love photography, and the picture is really cute!

mew mew looks so grumpy, is that you cat?

DieffiHobbyist Photographer
IMG 2213 (1024x682)
zemotoHobbyist Photographer

Thank you for the :+fav: ....:)