Need Atmosphere Input (for new piece)
297 votes
Daylight (blue sky)
Daylight (cloudy, hazy, foggy)
Evening (sundown, strong highlights/shadows)
Evening (hazy)
Morning (sunrise, hazy)
Morning (blue sky, no clouds)
that's up to you buddy, just create something good

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Maybe you should try doing a piece during midday. Often this is the hardest way to make an image beacause you have no "magic" feeling of a sunrise, sunset, or a moon full of light. I've only seen a couple of good sceneries when it has been midday, and they were absolutely amazing. You have to be an extremely good artist to make it work but i bet you could do it. Doing a scenery with a midday sky would be extremely hard but it would be an incredible accomplishment if you could do it. Hope you have a good piece whatever it is. =)
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A sunrise... i've been waiting for this, to see one new vison of the sun.
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Nachtbilder sind immer cool, ordentliches Leuchten, nen paar Reflektionen und vielleicht sogar die immitation eines Longexposure Fotos.
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I reckon evenings. They look really beautiful. Id say it in german (Which i guess is what your language is. Id say it if i remembered it.)
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Bulb is quite good in night...
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I don't really mind anything at all. Anything you come up with is always great :thumbsup:
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Hazy, sunrise mornings are what put me in the best mood. There's just something majestic about catching the first glimpse of light at dawn, especially in the spring. Can't wait for winter to end! And fanficbug is right, you don't see many sunrise pics out there.

Good luck with the new piece! I'm sure it'll be great no matter what atmosphere you chose ;)
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The sky of a scenery piece pretty much determines most of the mood of it, so I'd say you should go with whatever feeling you want to create.
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Shadows can be very expressive, but a sunrise pic would be great as well!
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Haven't seen your new piece, but personally I like clouds. They're dramatic, and the trouble with sunrise type stuff is that the terrain gets obscured in shadows. It also depends on which version of TG you are using. Do you have an image of what you have done so far anyplace?
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do something in the style of SteamPunk
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Since it's winter, there are a lot of daytime cloudy things, so I think a morning sunrise would be good.
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I'd say morning/sunrise/haze due to one thing, EERIE sceenery... It's frikkin bound to be the most beautiful light / way to represent a landscape :).

So ye, go with gettin a really eerie feeling to it, much haze and fog with low tender golden light.

Go team Tigaer Go :thumbsup:
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Blue sky no clouds... although it depends on the actual work.
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Night time! Go with something dark :mwahaha:
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Flüchtende Wolken zu einem schweren stürmischen Tag mit Blitz, Donner und Regen. Dazu eine stürmische schäumende See dessen Wellen sich an einem Felsen im Meer brechen.... irgendwie sowas! ^^
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Sunrise!! I just loooove sunrises :)
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I always love the sky just as the sun comes up, when it's still a greyish blue.
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Looking through your deviations, I don't see much that is bright daylight. Usually you're between 'times' (sundown, sunrise, dusk etc)
I think it would be nice to see something where it's really a bright light, day, beaming with freshness and beauty.

But, really it's up to you :)
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die dämmerungen fehlen!
ich finde das ist eine ziemlich vernachlässigte tageszeit. immer nur sonnenauf- und untergänge...
außerdem liebe ich den kontrast zwischen künstlichem licht und dem weichen blauviolett, das eine weile nach sonnenuntergang immer den himmel beherrscht!

ansonsten mag ich noch das rotgelb, wenn mal wieder saharasand vorbeikommt. sehr surreale wolken... hab das mal gleichzeitig mit einem gewitter erlebt! das werd ich wohl nie vergessen...

ansonsten mag ich von den oben genannten am liebsten so was neblig, wolkiges bei stark gedämftem tageslicht
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It depends on the mood you're trying to achieve in the piece. If you want something drab then sundown hazy, something cheerful, morning clear etc. We know whatever it is it'll be good.
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I voted Blue Sky, No Clouds! Even though I support clouds!!! He, he... you know, Cloud No9!!! ><

I love skyish blue! It's more summer like and I adore summer! :aww:
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na das musst du schon selbst entscheiden :lol: werd dir doch hier nicht vorgeben wie du dein bild zu machen hast :D
such was aus dass dir gefällt und mach damit was :aww:
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