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scenery - one afternoon by tigaer scenery - one afternoon by tigaer
another 3d scenery i've rendered with vue d'esprit. i really like the atmosphere in this one. and the light romantic feeling... Roll Eyes Laughing hope you'll like it too... =) (Smile) let me know.
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Original-Lyrics Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2012  Student Interface Designer
Woah. Amazing. Love it <3
keedanet Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2003
re: hankala's comment: that's what I thought when I saw the thumbnail! I like this one a lot. I can almost hear the crickets chirping....
Zlatty Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2003  Professional Photographer
This is a very nice render .... the water looks great ... and the textures are fairly alright ... nice work ...
engeljaeger Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2002
I have to admit 3D-digit-art is not really my mettier ;) (Wink) , but after what I've seen until now you are are damn good in it :) (Smile)
Especially the water looks great...
And in juxtaposition to other works of that kind you really make it look atmospheric, and not that sterile :) (Smile)
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stotty Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2002
Just checked out your works, this stands out as the best of what is indeed a good set of renders, great camera angle, great scene, great flora and wonderful lighting...

I know its probably just me, but lightflares don't do much for me...I like to see them as if I were there rather than through a camera lens..the flare detracts.
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whyrph Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2002
That is some of the best water I have ever seen.
KittiesGoShoot Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2002
Beautiful scenery, I love the water. And that plant to the right looks lovely too. You're really getting too good ya know lol
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bookdiva Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2002
Beautiful work, love the greenery and water, so realistic.
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philcopain Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2002  Professional Photographer
wonderful man !! paradisiac !

philcopain :) (Smile)
blacklaser Featured By Owner May 31, 2002   Digital Artist
Impressiv Scenery... reminds me somewhat of my garden ;) (Wink) ;) (Wink) .
Superb Work!
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bren Featured By Owner May 31, 2002
like it? I love it! The water looks SO real (is it???) And the way the sun is shining Great work!!!!
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electricfallout Featured By Owner May 31, 2002
thlayli Featured By Owner May 31, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gorgeous. I want that program so badly.
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patryck Featured By Owner May 31, 2002
great job.
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lockheart7ca Featured By Owner May 31, 2002
Just gorgeous!! Instant fave Love
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xehirut Featured By Owner May 31, 2002
This is simply Beautiful, you did a WONDERFUL job.
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hankala Featured By Owner May 31, 2002  Hobbyist General Artist
I like this too. :) (Smile)

It's almost a bit surrealistic...
Or a scenery from those Dinosaurs documentaries you see once in a while on Tv... :D (Big Grin)
manard Featured By Owner May 31, 2002
thats nice and relaxing was that done in bryce?
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