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This one originally started as a test file for displacement mapping in Vue. Did some quickie post work and ended up with some moody atmosphere and lighting. Couldn't resist and added a scifi element as well. :D Rendered and setup in Vue and post worked via Photoshop.

2560x1167 - Vue - XFrog - Photoshop - Lightroom
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Love the cacti! Golden barrel cactus - I got one myself :D But they're all quite unnaturally "straight up" though. In every picture I've seen of them growing on a desert landscape they tend to lean with the landscape a bit, if two or more are growing right up next to each other they'll lean away from each other in the "cluster" too. Just something my cactus fanatic side of me has noticed, it's the only thing that kinda breaks the naturalness of this otherwise warm and inviting landscape for me, but if this is just concept art of course then obviously it's a pretty fine and detailed example of that :)

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Why do i imagine this as a deathworld and those cacti explode?

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Could be a book cover or the cinematic intro to a game..