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This one must be two years old now. Every now and then i worked on it and i may continue doing things on it. Who knows. I got some nice photo plates from a buddy who visited Vietnam a while ago. There were a few shots that i instantly wanted to do something with.

Now where could that be? I don’t know. I see a colony/farm planet here with plenty of green and fertile areas. I personally like the result. The distance and scale comes across nicely. Technically it’s all Photoshop this time… without any 3d (Vue) elements. Now i hope you enjoy the sight as much as i do!

6942×3356 – 300dpi – Photoshop

Plate: [link]

Wallpapers: [link]

UPDATE 07.07.2011 - Fixed some issues with the picture. Mainly cleanup work. Print updated too.
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This is all photoshop only? OMG just amazing....
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It's a really nice picture. The only problem is that you have listed it under the wrong category, making it impossible for you to get a DD (mentioned because I see that you have posted it to the group 'Worth-DDs'). This should either be listed under Matte Painting, Photomanipulation or Mixed Media since most of the picture is a photography and not at all Painting & Airbrushing. Good work though. :D
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Holy shit mate, i loove this work ur doin theese last years, keep em coming :) and :hug:
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Oh. My. Goooood.

You do the most amazing composites.
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Great detail! I'm there...! :)
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Your work continues to amaze me everytime. I only wish I could do things like this. This is completely beautiful.
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Looks absolutely fantastic! Love how you used photo plates instead of Vue this time, gives it that extra realism that sometimes doesn't come across in renders.
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Im amazed by this! flawless painting :O
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Complicated perspectives here man you must have had lots of fun with it :P
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I have some photo's from when a friend visited I think it was some other island in the Asian Pacific and the hills covered in trees look way more interesting than any scenery I've ever seen. Don't you just hate how it always seems to be other people who get to go to such cool places :X

Too bad my collection is only about 10 photo's and they're not very high-res :dohtwo: Photo's under 1000 pixels wide should be illegal :lmao:
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Yeah. But i'm not a very active person. In fact... i'm a very boring person :D Of course it would be cool to see things myself but... there's some action involved you know... and i'm lazy. :D
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I am half expecting a Hobbit or wizard to be seen.

I would have guessed this was somewhere on Earth. Amazing detail.
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This isn't a photograph!? :O Wow amazing work!
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well it consists of several different photos... but it's all manipulated together with quite some overpainting.
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Ahh ok. Still great work though :D
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Sehr schön. Ich such mich immer dumm und dämlich nach brauchbaren Stockbildern...
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Schön-schön! ;)
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I love the detail of this piece of art.
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Oh hast du es doch hochgeladen :) finde das einfach beeindruckend! Aber fande das wo du mir geschickt hattest ( Vorher / Nachher ) ein wenig besser weil man sehen konnte wie genial du das umgesetzt hast!
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