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The Eternals
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Published: October 7, 2014
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The original plates I rendered months before I finished this project. As usual I was playing around with some stuff in Vue when it suddenly clicked. I knew I had something that deserved a shot. I also haven’t done any bigger scifi cityscape pics in a while. So this was a motivation to start and detail out the scene in Vue. Due to my mashing together of all kinds of models I crossed some limitations in filesizes Vue was able to correctly save. So I had to work with two scene files for different parts of the picture. Mainly splitted between foreground and hero object detail and less important stuff to flesh out the scene along with background elements. So in the initial stage of composition and setting up the scene I created a lot of junk data to keep alive all alternatives I had in mind for the scene. I wanted this one to be big. Much like “Phoenix Rising” or “Gates To Elysium”. Scale and detail was important for this one. Once I got my atmosphere, composition and scene ready… rendering time! Then… silence.

I had the renders done and when I looked at them I realized how much time I would need to get this to a point I would be happy with. I instantly saw a lot of parts that needed a lot of attention. Plus the fact that, while I worked on the pic, new ideas popped up on how to refine certain details even more. So I left the renders for a couple of weeks. Of course I couldn’t leave these renders alone. I already invested some serious time! I had to do something with it. The Photoshop stage then had a lot of overpainting, atmosphere and lighting tuning. I also got back into Vue and added new stuff to the scene. Ships, buildings and additional detail. I didn’t want to overload the image with stuff but I fear I lost that battle (again!). At least there is a lot to discover, wouldn’t you agree?

When it comes to a story then there is none. The only thing is the title. I can imagine, that the citizens of that city look at these huge structures, as if they would still be there, even after they are long gone. So they started to call them ‘The Eternals’. What they do? I have no idea. But maybe it fires up the imagination of the viewers and you people come up with great ideas. =D

This picture is part of The Luminarium’s latest Exhibit: Illuminate VI. A fantastic source of inspiration that can be found here. It also features a neat interview with me, about myself and how I approach my work.

Quick shout out to Nicolas Bramke who helped with some pointers and ideas. Your input is always appreciated.

Vue – Photoshop – 6000x2553px

Standard resolution wallpapers as usual on my site: v5.tigaer-design.com/?page_id=… - and here on deviantart I'm offering a special 2560x1440 version for 280 points.

Photoshop Stage


Print Detail

For detail captures and other info about my work feel free to follow me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/tigaerdesign

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kcegHobbyist Digital Artist
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You just had to say the word "Eternals"!  LOL! Now my Marvel brain sees this as the Eternal city of Olympia!
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ludacris14Hobbyist Photographer
maybe they are engines! instead of making bigger and bigger spaceships, they just turned the planet into a spaceship! the mega-structures set up a force field that helps keep the planet intact and give it more mobility! :)
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This looks awesome.
Maybe these giant machines are generators of a new type of clean energy, themselves driven by stellar power that is collected via mirrors and beamed down from space.
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This is stunning :) magnificent achievement
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JST2345Hobbyist General Artist
epic scale of the orbs O.o
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mks-7zdesignsStudent Digital Artist
Impressive detail!
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such amazing depth to the detailing here... wish i could zoom in and see what the city is really made of... great work :star:
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tigaerProfessional Digital Artist
I'll post some detail captures on my fb page soon. Feel free to head over there. =) Link is in the description.
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Just clicked over -- awesome stuff. Gonna go spend some time going through your facebook posts. ;)
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haveyouHobbyist Digital Artist
hehe - awesome.  Mega-structures, love the blue light tones and the bright sheens in the gold hue.  Something i can stare at for hours.  Serious eye candy. 
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tigaerProfessional Digital Artist
Yeah, there's quite some stuff to discover. :) Thank you, glad you enjoy the view!
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HabatchiiHobbyist Digital Artist
Habatchii says;

very well...
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ErikShoemakerHobbyist Digital Artist
episch mal wieder!
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tigaerProfessional Digital Artist
Danke. =D
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Wonderful piece of work here!  I'm imagining all sorts of possibilities right now for what could be going on in a place like this!  It's always great when a piece of art can stoke the imagination.  :D (Big Grin) 
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tigaerProfessional Digital Artist
Glad you think so and I absolutely agree! =) Thank you.
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You're welcome!  :) (Smile) 
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ZeroMKlXHobbyist Artist
If I was on one of those giant cannon-looking things, I'd say this would be the perfect place and time to propose to someone X3
tigaer's avatar
tigaerProfessional Digital Artist
Then fear of heights is hopefully nothing you have to deal with! =D And yeah... that would probably make some impression. =)
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DesireeDelgadoProfessional Digital Artist
OMG Headbang! you ROCK!
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Smiling-DemonHobbyist General Artist
Love this mate. Just BIG.
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MichaelVogtProfessional Artist
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