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Terragen - My Hope Is You_adv

By tigaer
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tigaer-design.com proudly presents: terragen - my hope is you (blick in die zukunft - look into the future)

the first terragen/photoshop piece this year is not a wallpaper. but maybe there will be one. ;) - the enhanced title in this piece is just something personal so don't mind it. originally i wanted to use the original rendering for the recently ended sunset contest on the ashundar terragen community. but i missed the contest due to time problems. i definitely need a better time management. ;)

the original rendering was rendered on the laptop of a dear friend who visited me last week. a 12hrs rendering and much patience needed this time. :)

however... got inspired a bit by *alyn 's recent works and wanted to try it.

rendered with // terragen ver. 9.19
rendered resolution // 2800x2100
rendering time // ca. 12 hours
render without post process // N/A
post process done in // photoshop 7
post process time // ca. 10 hours
total filesize // *.psd with a res. of 2800x5610 -> 222mb
total layers // 31

happy viewing... :)
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© 2004 - 2020 tigaer
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Koor! Stunning piece... makes me want to go and play in Terragen :D.  Not that mine will turn out anything like this doh!
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There was also a lot of Photoshop in the mix. So Terragen alone (at least back then) was quite boring without the right skills. :)
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All three versions are very beautiful, I choose it because it has planetary effects.
bren's avatar
OH MY...hon...this is soooo beautiful. I LOVE the look of the sky, the planets. Wonderful work!
onyxabrasion's avatar
Beautiful dimension. Well done and I'm speechless as I so often am.
coldnsteel's avatar
All I can say is you are a God! :D
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i think you could make a calender you know, by the way im use the bottem half as my wallpaper :)

rougedragon's avatar
i love the depth of it, its great!
paranoidinhell's avatar
the scene, lightning, colors, shape ... pretty damn nice!!
furryphotos's avatar
Another great tigaer tg+PS combo i see ;)
philcopain's avatar
Amazing !!!!! I love it !! You rock !!!!!
The title is very good !!
ucd's avatar
So much talent, I have to say this picture is very inspiring. I think the colors are beautiful,they have a very fantasy like appearance. You did a great job with creating a unique style, and the inovation of the image is very clear. Your artistic concepts are very appealing,I would love to see more of your art. + fav
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hi, ich weiß nie so genau, was ich du deinen terragen bildern sagen soll, weil ich ja so wenig ahnung von der herstellung habe. aber eins weiß ich, dass es eine heidenarbeit ist, und ich bewundere dich ehrlich für deine geduld und deinen ergeiz.
wirklich schön, der gegensatz von der hellen sonnenerleuchteten fläche, und dem all...
tigaer's avatar
danke für den comment :) schön das du das stü ck magst. :) und ja, es is tatsächlich arbeit - aber meist nicht umsonst. ich lerne etwas und leiste etwas - gibt mir ne innere... befriedigung?! ja, so isses wohl. :) - thx :hug:
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I have limited time to comment, so all I will say is :

simply amazing :omg:
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wohoo, great piece!
matrix7's avatar
Gaa! This absolutely floored me man! i really love the prograssiveness of it as well as the tons of detail (as always). The hues are perfect and I love the planetary alignment you have going (nice sun too :thumbsup: ). Great detail overall and excellent postwork.

Gonna have to fave this one mate, sweet work!
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magnificent stuff!! :clap:
blacklaser's avatar
What mor ecan i say than: great work!
esheafer's avatar
awesome as always Chris - +fav
hige's avatar
this is so nice :clap:

keep workin
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oh Mann ich liebe den Übergang Wolken-Weltraum :D
das einzige was mir nicht so recht gefä llt ist diese komische Sonne oder was das sein soll, ansonsten :+favlove:
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Well done! The planets could use some work and I`m not sure about the red star at the top, but the overall impression is awesome!
Good job! :-)
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wow ... einfach nur ... wow
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