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Imagine a distant planet or parallel world where there is only forests, mountains and exotic animals. And all life springs off mysterious mile high mountains that can bind the energy of the planets inner forces to create an ecology that is unique throughout the whole known universe.


Here we have another digital matte painting. This time i worked a lot with photos and less with 3d or painting. It was quite a task to get all the photos look right with the lighting etc. I don't think i succeeded 100%. Nonetheless it's, for me, a quite nice result. Something different for my gallery.

35hrs - intuos3 - photoshop - 5500px wide - 300dpi

Wallpapers can be found in the[link] gallery

See here for [link] Print Detail

See here for various [link] concept stages

See here for the plate i started the painting with: [link]

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Trilith Valley of Alderaan
Wingpeanut's avatar
What's that picture originally pictured from?
saltydogsrfr's avatar
THAT would be a beautiful thing...
Nils-Iver's avatar
baby, if that image had a vagina then i would have sex with it, thanks for sharing! :iconlaplz:
wOw!! está genial la verdad me encanta!! urra por tu trabajO!
Absolutehe's avatar
Holy chicken! That`s pretty.
GraphicFoundry's avatar
Beautiful, man. I could see it as a great setting for another Lord of the Rings movie :-).
YourLegacyAwaits's avatar
I agree, this would be a great location for LOTR!
voytela's avatar
Da, nur ein bisschen verschneiter, bin ich gestern lang Guildwars - Eye of the north...tihi. Wirklich ein herrliches Bild!

Hut ab Mütze auf.
Xadain's avatar
awesome. its people like you that keep me interested in digital art fantasy/Space kinda stuff great work XD
ElaineTheMain's avatar
so... you just made this or is it a thought behind this world? anyways it was rocking:D
EliezerGrawe's avatar
Very beautifull scene. Peacefull place, I think...
AmberSunset's avatar
Incredible, unbelievable piece!!
apt2vanish's avatar
Now this is absolutely stunning work. Perfect
eqlipse's avatar
You know... the first words out of my mouth when I saw it was "Where the FUCK did he take THAT picture?!" And then I looked a little more closely, and saw certain elements were slightly out of place with respect to the rest of the picture, and then read the description: "Digital Matte"

Excellent work!
love1008's avatar
nice fantasy enviroment ! :aww:
matrix7's avatar
+Fav this one!!!

Simply amazing. Looks very Tolkein-ish. I can almost see a wize old face on the right Im seriously impressed by your style and technique man - very nice work
teheimar's avatar
Cool image. Very lush and well done.
xDestitutex's avatar
So da ich dank meiner Ex-Freundin nach der Arbeit irgendwie nicht schlafen kann dachte ich mir nu ist es zeit mal wieder etwas schönes zu sehen. :)

Vielleicht habe ich es ja schonmal erwähnt, aber ich bin teilweise nicht wirklich von diesem Matte Paintings, also dem Mix von echtem Foto und Painting überzeugt, da doch ab und an der Unterschied zu sehr zu sehen ist und damit das ganze Bild unecht macht und teilweise auch sehr runterzieht.
Was in den Details zwar wieder zu sehen ist, ist hier einfach perfekt umgesetzt. Alles harmoniert zusammen und nichts sticht wie ein "schwarzes Schaf" herraus.
Die hammergeilen Wolken muss ich ja net wieder erwähnen oder?
Was mir hier aber sehr efällt sind die Wälder im mittleren Gebirge. Sie wirken komplett echt, aber nicht so echt, dass es herraussticht un die digitale arbeit in den Hintergrund stellt.
Für mich von der Harmonie, der beiden gemischten Methoden her, eins deiner besten. :)

·· |D|
Blak-Phoenix's avatar
Amazing.. simply amazing... :clap: :D
passenger-nq's avatar
wow, sieht aus wie ein photo aus den alpen, nur schöner. perfekte arbeit
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