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My god I cannot even tell how old this picture already is, lying in a dark corner of my hdd. Now I guess it's finally time to release it into the wild.

Technically I worked with Vue and mixed in various elements from previous personal projects. Parts of it were used in my winning entry for the EvE Online Create a Starship contest: [link] Later on I added some more stuff via Photoshop. I'm not sure if it qualifies entirely as a digital matte painting but I surely used the respective techniques for it.

Last but not least I must admit that it's again one of the scenes I would love to see for real. Slowly gliding above that massive thing of a city. Watching the smaller transporters and gliders zipping through the clouds and canyons of buildings. Very StarWarsy but I find it cool.

Vue - Photoshop - 4000px wide

Print Detail: [link]

Specifics & Wallpaper: [link]

Plates and Parts: [link]
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I have no idea how to comment this masterpiece. I have no words! By saying "i would live there" it's don't even describes my amazing feeling when i see this artwork! I would born, live and make a family there, bring my friends and neighbours there. It's from a dream and from the future. From your dream and from my now.

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The contrast is excellent
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Great image I think I remember this one from Expose!
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Very nice view !
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i really like the perspective here
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Genius quality of design and presentation.
If I were running for President, I'd commission you to illustrate my space program plans.
Best, Jimbo
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Excellent picture
Absolutely Wicked. Very realistic. Gives me vertigo but I can't stop looking
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Beautiful. The perfect visualization of what life might be like if we succeed the transition to global peace, and great advancement in tech.
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When can I rent a room?
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inside so many empty bubble economy room for everyone
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Beautiful...just mind that first step though, it's a doozy.
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Really nice.
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 I really like this I wish there was a building like this in the real world nicely done ^^
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Awesome painting! I would love to see it built for real.
Wow, this is awesome. = )
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sick perspective! 
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This is a really neat one. :D
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So amazing! I love this piece & I want to live in that city!
Wicked. Absolutely wicked.
Hi, I am designing my office wall to be a canvas of different pictures and I want to put this on the wall. Is there a possibility I could get this without all the black around the images and just the artwork on canvas?
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