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May 26, 2014
Sanctuary by tigaer is an absolutely slick sci-fi piece with intricate details and amazing colours.
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I started this one without having a specific plan. Except that I wanted to try myself on something similar to my Room With A View piece and I wanted to do a night scene. Well, it looks like I had a plan... sorta.

I used this one to dig a little deeper into using Vue and vector shapes to create some architecture. The lady was implemented with help of DAZ3d tools. A lot of planning went into the look of the room and the balkony. Of course I wanted it futuristic and a little shiny. I had some fun playing with lights and creating the mood. Again the creation and rendering of the scene basically happened in two parts. On step for the city background and one step for the front. In Photoshop I brought it all together and did some major refinements to the room and city. Beside general fixes, refining and overpainting I also tried to add more detail to the dress our lady here is wearing. I also played with an idea I always wanted to try. A hologram display implemented into the windows. In this scene it's basically turned off and only shows the name of the building complex. I enjoyed playing with that part.

Is there a larger story behind this one? Not this time to be honest. What's the character doing? No idea. It looks as if she just came home from a shopping spree and is calling a friend to tell about the newest stuff she was able to hunt down. Maybe her boyfriend is calling to take her out for dinner. I have no idea. =) Let your imagination decide.

Vue - Inkscape - Photoshop - 6000px wide

Wallpapers: v5.tigaer-design.com/?page_id=…

Print Detail: projects.tigaer-design.com/sa/…

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i just love the way you have made motion visible in this artwork . hair hair seems to be flowing along with the swing and the fabric of her dress seems to be following the outlines of her body as well as her movenent. the colors are so fresh and beautiful. well done