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Room With A View

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This one earned a special place in my heart. I wanted to try myself on something new. Well, not entirely new… but at least something different. I was always a fan of these clean and nice looking architectural visualization artworks. These artworks always have a certain look and especially a great lighting going on. I also wanted to have a picture that earned some merits before it even got officially published on my site or art communities. So I submitted it as an entry for Volume 11 of the Ballistic Publishing Expose artbook series. I expected other submissions to make it into the book but not really this one. Especially since it’s my first serious try in doing something like it. Dear lord… a lot of work and revisions went into this picture before I was somewhat happy with it.

I started to play with vector import in Vue quite some time ago. Soon after creating ‘Halcyon Awaits’, (which used a lot of vector imported shapes) I thought that the technique would also wonderfully work to play around with some clean cut scifi architecture design. Yet again I had to go through quite learning curve to get the results I wanted. And all that by going the most efficient way possible. I did not model all of the contents in the scene. I used models from DAZ and Archive3D.net. A lot of the models needed additional texturing which ate a lot of time. The result however was completely worth it. The flat/room itself is created with vector shapes and Vue’s Texttool. It’s funny what interesting results it can give you. It’s really fun to play with.

In the end it turned out that the pic got selected for inclusion into Expose Vol. 11. That blew me away. Very unexpected and an amazing motivational boost. I did something right. And to make good things better… it even got selected for inclusion into the next d’artiste: Matte Painting 3 book as well. At that point I was flattened. And that’s why this particular pic is very special for me.

If there is a particular story for it? Well. Lets just say it’s a wonderful friday morning. A glorious weekend ahead. A good motivation to welcome the last workday of the week! Fresh clean morning air in the room and soft warm sunlight on the skin to welcome you to a new day.

6571×3000 – Vue – Photoshop

Ballistic Publishing's Exposé 11 - Review

Plate 1

Plate 2

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Wallpapers: v5.tigaer-design.com/?page_id=…
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MTLAStudent Digital Artist

You melted my frozen heart. Many artists see in their comments how i hate our winter. It is, but i can't live, can't survive without sun, and modern world. It's just unbelievable picture were downloaded by me a few months ago and used as a wallpapers but only now i realised the fact it's your work! Of course i would like to see more racurses at this location but with the similar lighting, i hope to see them in the future, dear artist. This is that rare picture which makes me want to live and create amazing things. You see those shadows, reflections, that lighting and sunny room, it's perfect than any interior i saw in real life! Sometimes i look at this artwork and can't even believe this is not a photo, do you? More of this if possible please. Thanks for your work.

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:thumbsup:....:love: Beautiful Creative Artwork, Brilliant composition Chris  +fav !!!
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Stephen-FisherProfessional Digital Artist
It looks like Coruscant city to me! :D
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I would love to live in a space like this! Holy crap!
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How much is the rent???
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tigaerProfessional Digital Artist

Not even I could afford it. :D

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The room definitely screams Out. Of. Your. Price. Range.
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This is a beautiful piece right here.
(Let's hope the windows of the future have one way settings...)
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tigaerProfessional Digital Artist

They probably will. :D So much more freedom in your own home!

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Now I notice that she has the glass door open. (Or that's just futuristic lighting but it really looks like an open door.) Is that such a good idea for her to do with the lack of clothing?
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tigaerProfessional Digital Artist

She's a strong and independent woman and it's the future... she just doesn't care. And some warm sunbeams on your skin... who could resist? :D

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And (hopefully!) the majority of people in the future are accepting enough of nudity that almost nobody even bothers, except for work and when it's cold. Prudery is a stain on the human condition.
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Oh, I see.
Well good for her.
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tigaerProfessional Digital Artist

That's how I see it too. =D

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mercisqHobbyist Digital Artist
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An excellent view of a future city.
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MASCH-ARTHobbyist Digital Artist
top picture and work,
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What an amazing piece!

For me it could be a scene from one of Iain M Banks' 'Culture' novels.
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Superb work!
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AlessandraImperioProfessional Digital Artist
The lights are fantastic!!
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tigaerProfessional Digital Artist
I worked my ass off to get the lighting for this scene right. Glad it worked out in the end. :) Thank you. :)
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Wow, really nice. So warm <3
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I can feel the temperature, the cool air, the sun, hear the sounds outside... this painting is alive!
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