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Most of the time i sorta like my work. I'm never 100% happy. And basically, as an artist, you should never be 100% happy with what you do. Just to stay motivated and inspired. Now with this piece i'm almost 90% happy. And that's a lot.

I'm a sucker for backlit, sunset scenes so here we have another one. I would also say that this is pretty much a matte painting quality again. Haven't tried myself in that for a while. Now the plate i rendered myself with Vue really kicked a**, and i wanted to make it look somewhat photo real. The rendertime needed for the plate was something around 26hrs. Global Illumination and some good quality settings took some time there. I also got some nice photo reference material from =tendence and used some in my painting. Thanks for that. :nod:

Hope you like it as much as i do!


5000px wide - photoshop - vue - intuos3

Plate can be found [link] here
Print detail can be found [link] here (Large file).
Wallpapers [link]
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This is genius!
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nothing in life is perfect... except for the things that you perceive in your dreams but I think THIS is perfect in every way ;)
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This is fabulous...
NachoMon's avatar
Beautiful alien landscape!
stripedDreamer's avatar
wow, i love the lighting :D
knytcrawlr's avatar
really incredible work!
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This is absolutely amazing!! I totally love the colors and how you composed all together ^^
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wow that planet would actually be a very hot desert imo
tigaer's avatar
depends on the power of the suns. just because they're glowing... doesn't mean they're particularly strong and hot. :) a desert would be very boring :nod:
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Tigaer! My Hero!!! Wonderfull wallpapper xD ty for this fantastic piece or art :)
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Wow. Just wow.

Your landscapes and spacescapes are simply awesome. I wish there was some way for you to send to my art show as I think your works would sell well.
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I can't say how I feel!
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tigaer, I've watched you evolve over the last couple years, I've gotta say this is excellent. Your definitely stepping it up.

Good work.
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mal wieder ein Masterpiece ;)
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Love the light! :)
Souldragon95's avatar
Absolutely stunning!
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Wow hun, that is beautiful! you always do such wonderfully detailed pics, but this is a step above.
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Nice mood and colors mate. The result is quite powerful.
I like how you made the atmosphere so vibrant on the left hand side of the picture.
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I really like the shear depth and thickness of the atmosphere, and the way the twin suns shine through it. It would be a spectacular place to visit.

I agree with you on the sentiment that artists are never happy with their work. I always try to improve some aspect of my work in some way with each and every thing I create. It's that desire to improve that keeps me going :)
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awesome, great shadows, and light
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Amazing work! It's been a pleasure watching you grow as an artist. I've watched you since your early Terragen days.
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