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By tigaer proudly presents: PATH TO HEAVEN


Here we see something that is intended to be a vision of heaven. Green lands. Mountains. Mixed... with a bit fantasy. That was the goal. I think i reached it nicely. Not perfect from my pov... but i leave the final decision to you. I kinda like the final version.


Once again a lot of time went into this pic. I started with concept sketches. Tried a lot of things and invested some time into that stage. So i soon had a bunch of psds in my project folder. Which had 1,2gb in the end. Too much for my taste. ;p However. Once i had a fitting idea and the client gave his ok, i started to work out the details. Added various elements and textures. My biggest problem were the buildings. The client wanted them clean... perfect. I'm one of those guys that likes to add a weathered look because that makes it look more realistic. Nonetheless the client wanted them to be shiny and bright. I tried my best. The result is pretty ok i think.

40hrs - intuos3 - 6000px high - 300dpi - basics psd: 150mb / adv. elements psd: 250mb

PRINT DETAIL: (ca 2.6mb): [link]

WALLPAPER PACK (ca 2.5mb): [link]

wp pack contains 1600x1200 / 1024x768 / 1440x900

happy viewing...
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BEAUTIFUL! I love how you did the winding path!!!!
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I find this picture majestic, it kinda reminds me some fantasy stories back then
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Wow! How pretty!!!!
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Absolutly beautiful! May I use this on :)
Dude are you a Christian? Please message back dude.
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Wow this looks amazing! great work!!
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love the concept... love the piece... i would like to see more on this concept
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Breathtaking! I really needed that kind of inspiration to describe my heaven in my novel story 8 VALKYRIES. Thanks a bunch!
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Where are the streets of gold? and why is there a moon in the background?
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Hello, may I use it for web design? thanks in advance.
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Looks a lot like those floating mountains in Avatar. Nice!
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0.0 thats awesome... wish it was real! IF they put that in a game it should be soooooo cool!
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