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50K Views proudly presents: NIGHTSHADE VALE

print detail preview: [link]


This one was actually intended to be a fantasy novel book cover. So i was going for a portrait setup... instead of a cinemascope one. Though i prefer the cinemascope crop. Whatever. There's actually no big story behind that pic. I started to work with some of my new mountain stocks which i got from a trip into the alps recently. Stitched together some photo elements and extended them with paintings. With lots of scifi stuff from me in the past... this pic should be a nice addition to my gallery. Since it's more fantasy based.


I guess you could call this thing a digital matte painting. I wouldn't do so. It's a strange mixture of pure painting and pure matte painting. Well i, at least, can tell that i worked a lot with matte painting techniques. The top of the mountain is a complete extension. The path in front is 80% painted. I did not work too much into detail on that path in front since too much detail would have stolen the show the background actually gives you. Again i tried lot of new things and i think i got a acceptable result.

creation visualization: [link]

30hrs - intuos3 - photoshop - 5500px high - 300dpi - project folder: 1.8gb - psd: 460mb

WALLPAPER PACK (ca 2.5mb): [link]

wp pack contains two wp versions in 1600x1200 / 1024x768 / 800x600


happy viewing...
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Gorgeous! Great image of heaven and earth. I really like the details of the city...nice eyecandy here. The level of detail's amazing! The use of tones, colors, shades, and perspectives is really eyecatching.
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Soo beautiful! I wonder if I can use some of your pictures on a site called (You create a dream stable with animals and so on) So do i have your permission to use some of your pictures to design my stable? It would be really nice of you! Ofcourse I write your name on the picture!
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it's amazing dude
The-Rasmus-Raven's avatar
You have a lot of awesome art ^^
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Agree beutiful work
jUstfOrflO's avatar
One of the first images in the internet which captured my thoughts. Lovely romantic mood in there. I wish i could walk down to the river. :happycry:
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you could give thomas kinkade a run for his money! you have such detail!
i need the psd file of this one..
would love to work on it...
can u mail it to me plzzzzzzzzzz..
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Wow! it
naruwolfhellsing's avatar
omg thats beautiful i wish there really was a place on earth that looked exactly like that if there was than i would go there right away
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love this,
really really goo[link] work
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I can only say ... this is brilliant! :deviation: :rose: :) Cheers, Coco
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Wish I could do digital art this well. It's astounding. :D
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Beautiful work ;
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Are you even aware of how great your work is?
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i hope so U: DD worthy plz!
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People have said thousands of times, but again.. awesome!!
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30 hours??!!?!? That's IT??!!? My GAWD... I can't understand how anybody could do this in less than at LEAST 2 weeks... bravo !
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Lol I made my fav the 1000th fav ^^.

Though I bet alot of people do that with people defavving and favving alot xD.

Anyways OnArt:

I think it's beautifull, like most of your work
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