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Hadley's Hope - Alternative

This one was part of a short tutorial that is in the current issue of the Advanced Photoshop. It was quite a tight deadline so I used the plate I had from my "Hadley's Hope" project in 2010. In general it's a pretty rough pic. No time for too much detail. Nonetheless it looks not bad I think.

Anyway... the tutorial is about how to insert/replace a sky and make it complement the picture itself. This pic here was my personal approach with more photo/manipulation happening. The mag requested a little more painting so the pic here isn't exactly the one in the mag. More info can be found here: [link] and [link]

Update 081211: Due to print requests I added a print. It's now available.
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This reminds me of Corusant from Star Wars. Awesome work!
simpsonsquire's avatar
I'm gonna give this picture the benefit of the doubt and say that this is located somewhere in Coruscant.
TerrinX's avatar
Looks almost exactly like the City of Alexandria Halo Reach
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Love this image… check out for ideas to inspire your work...
MoppyPuppy's avatar
A little more hopeful in this alternate universe.
ArianneStark's avatar
oh my goodness this is breathtaking 
silvaze5's avatar
Hey! Would it be too much to ask if I can use this for a project I'm working on? It won't be edited or copied, anyway. =)
JulieKrizan's avatar
This is pretty awesome. It would've been kinda cool to see this in a legit Alien movie, but they had to nuke it from orbit. It was the only way to be sure. :trollface:
spitfiresrage's avatar
This is pretty sweet it looks like Atlantis from SGA
Alloclaw's avatar

What could of been a thriving metropolis in Aliens is now destroyed!
suphawker's avatar
Outstandingly beautiful. The time of day makes this look perfect.
SquiddyTreat's avatar
This is just plain incredible. I love it!
Dave-DK's avatar
Spectacular! Absolutely a stunning image!
avkhatri123's avatar
Stunning, I love this sunset. Keep up the great work!
Mangatellers's avatar
Wow! Fantastic artwork. I like the scifi scenery. It has a Mass Effect feeling in it. Well done! Excellent work. :D
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This is very cool
QAuZ's avatar
Hi! Your great work has been featured [link] :heart: :hug:
tigaer's avatar
Thanks a lot sir :D
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