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This time we have a collaboration piece between me and Alastair Temple Smiling-Demon. While he did the space stuff and the abstract alien space structure/shape... I did the station and overall refinements as well as optical effects for the scene. We're quite happy with the results!

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Nice work. Let me give you a little more information regarding the background structure in your image that maybe you were not aware of. It originated with this image and parameters created by me in Mandelbulb 3D. I have no problem with you using it as part of your image as it is a part of the collection of default parameters provided with the program. It made me kind of proud knowing something I created was used this way.

Nothing Left But My Bones
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wow! this loooks so good :D you guys did  good job on it! :D
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Oh wow this looks extremely awesome man! Also, noticed the fractal element at first, great use for it, it works here all together really well! Good job!
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Thank you! Yeah the fractal material works rly nice for stuff like this. :)
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:D :D

Lets do one again sometime (although maybe next time I'll try and get some more interesting colours in and avoid all the brown haha)
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nice work! By chance Dr. Strange inspired? :D Idk why, the clock kinda reminds me of it.
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I had the same feeling about Dr. Strange ! :D
Great work guys !
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Naw, haven't read the comic and the movie wasn't out when this one was finished. :D Plan to see it though. Seems to have some rly nice visuals.
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yeah it's definitely worthwhile, mostly for the visuals of course :D but the movie as a whole it not so bad either. Maybe the best one I've seen in the cinema this year.
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Interesting and Cool Artwork!!! :) ;) :P :clap:
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