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107K Views proudly presents: ELYSIA

UPDATE - 28.03.2008 General update of the files. Postwork, colors, sharpening and refined details.



elysia is one of the planets everyone knows when you're talking about it. there's no person that has not seen one of the amazing sunsets, at least on a photo. the "paradise of the universe" was it called once in a news article. people living and working there mostly to serve the tourists. you can do everything there! enjoy the forests. enjoy mountain climbing. take a trip down the golden rivers that swirl over the planets surface like veins of blood. i wished i could visit this place for only one time. but all i have is a photo... and my wish.


once again is tried some matte painting techniques for this piece. i worked with a lot of photography to texture the elements in my terragen render. my goal is always to let it look like it's not done with help of terragen. i guess i got that pretty good in this piece. the big building in front was completely painted. with help of a few manip techniques. i thank god for my wacom. to create such stuff with mouse would take ages. generally i always tried to keep an eye on the overall composition. i had talks with friends about what else i could add. there even was a flyer for the right side in planning. i decided against is because of the huge cloud front that is balancing the pic good enough. a flyer would have distracted from the general composition.

digital painting, wacom, photoshop, 30hrs, 5000px wide, 250mb psd

WALLPAPER PACK (ca 2,5mb): [link]

the unedited/unaltered terragen pic: [link]

wallpapers within the pack available in three versions each in 1600x1200 / 1024x768 / 800x600

there's a space art piece called elysia too, made by `hameed nawaz: [link] check it out.

happy viewing...

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really wonderful, a joy and a pleasure to watch such a beautiful picture!
Simply THANK YOU !
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Thanks for your feedback. :)
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This is visionary! You have a brilliant mind. Now all you need is an engineer.
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this is my new wallpaper effective immediately.
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I just can't find words.
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This is how i dream earth being. And dreaming one day i'll see this...
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Amazing piece! Absolutely fantastic sci-fi landscape view. very well done!
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Truly god-like beauty! :)
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This piece has been featured here [link]
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Das hier finde ich richtig toll!!! Hast Du davon das Wallpaper noch? Der Link führt leider nur zu Deiner Homepage und auf der Download-Seite konnte ich es nicht mehr finden.
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It would be so cool if there is a planet like this, up there somewhere... :D
Beatiful work, it's really... peaceful! ^_^
Our planet's beautifull as well, but... that image seems to blend civilization and nature in perfect balance... it's paradise, really..
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I absolutely agree, Earth is really beautiful, we should care more about it...and it would beautiful if we might really to do something like this, civilization and nature in balance! :D
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You do such amazing work
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Lisadora's avatar
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The colors are so entrancing...
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:wow: Major points for making this a wallpaper. The coloring, the spatial quality, everything works so well together! :hug:
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Also, an den Wolken und aufm Fluss sind da so Striche...die wolln mir einfach nich gefalln. Aber bin ja eh so ein Photorealismusfreak. Der Rest ist wirklich gut =).
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Amazing work!:clap:
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I realy love this. Very cool.
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