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53K Views proudly presents: DOWN THE RIVER AREND


It took me a while to find a title for this one. I remembered the belgariad books by david eddings and searched my mind for a place that would fit for my painting. I studied the maps that are in the books and found the 'arend'. The arend divides the lands of arendia and tolnedra. The arend flows through woody areas, which really fits to my painting, and ends in the lands where once was the mighty/legendary battle of vo mimbre. Where the people of the west fought and won against the large army lead by the evil god torak. The evil god got wounded and did fell into a sleep... until the child of light comes to challenge him. To decide all things that are and will be... for ever.

So much for a little insight into the story of the belgariad saga.


I started this one as a futuristic concept actually... like... 3 months ago. Not really a big time project back then. Just something to train some basics. Over the time i got a pretty solid scifi setup that was looking promising. I wasn't too happy with it and asked some close friends what to do. One of my ideas was to go for a nature only scene. Haven't done that in a while. When i got that done and i looked at the pic... it was empty somehow. A close friend told me to try it with some sort of fortress or castle... waterfalls... all the full blown fantasy package. I did so. The result looks ok i guess. Surely 150 layers. Again some kind of digital matte painting thing. I was not going for a super realistic look. I just wanted to visualize an atmosphere... a feeling...

Print Detail: [link]

Different Work Stages: [link]

30hrs - intuos3 - photoshop - 4300px wide - 300dpi

Wallpapers Available on: [link]


happy viewing...
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This a brilliant work of art, tigaer.
You have done justice to the Belgariad series with this work.
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Quite simply excellent, exactly the sort of style I love. The detail is fantastic, a wonderful piece :)
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wow this is amazing
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this is amazing! the amount of detail is awesome!
No, it reminds me more of Vo Wacun, the ruins in Queen Of Sorcerry...and the place that takes a large part of Polgara the Sorceress
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this is absolutely beautiful! and it gives me interesting ideas about when i read them and reread them! Since I do when I get bored with other books...
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Can I have your permission to post this (and any other Belgariad fanart you might have) in the Belgariad fanclub I started? All credit will be given to you.
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no problem, as long as you put a link to the original deviation to the description.
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Okay, I just posted it. Thanks so much for letting me use it!
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wow. just wow. this is amazing work. there's so much detail and its such a beautiful sccene.
kudos to you!
WOW first pic that i found inspired in david eddings work , and its really GREAT thx for it
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Great combination of integrated city and nature- like my own work- love the concept- plus it looks amazing!!!
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yay! arendia!
*brainless violence*
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Is it just me or does that scene remind anyone else of Rivendell out of LOTR? Still, great picture.
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this is truely amazing!
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Awsome!! I can`t say nothing... about this :D
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very nice work ^^
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were those buidling drawn to?
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