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Citizen Erazed - Animation SE

By tigaer
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Since you cannot update film deviations i uploaded a new/sound version of: [link]

hq video version (750px h264/sound), youtube link, cgsociety link -> [link]


as you all might know last year i started to venture a bit into the animation landscape. i previously did two other animations, which i will update soon. both of them were done by using 3dsmax. it was quite a complicated task.

this time i fully concentrated on after effects and compositing methods to accomplish my idea. i'm pretty satisfied with the result here.

two wonderful people noted me and created some sound for the animation. these versions can be found here: hq video version (750px h264/sound), youtube link, cgsociety link -> [link]

special thanks to:

sound fx

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i can imagine instead of panning upward, zooming fast to a buliding (on part :30) then, showing a man's back while looking back (looking mysterious) and boom. done. :P lol just my opinion, that's hard to do. and i like your work. good job! :)
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noxiousoneProfessional Interface Designer
damn good :O
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foxfairy13Student Traditional Artist
Sweet! I like it a lot better with the music. I'm going to watch it again....
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DJBoraPStudent Traditional Artist
This is really great, beautiful music too (I'm a composer and I can say that the mix/mastering and emotional part are well combined). :)
Is it a secret what soft was used to create the ost? :)
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I used just tracks and mixed them in sony vegas!

I am glad that you liked it!
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I always loved this animation, and i love when the "camera" come across the Sun, how flashes like in real life.

Bravo Tigaer!
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It was nice feedback! I am glad that you people liked it!. It was a pleasure working with Tigaer, and i hope we make another projects in the future!.
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great once again
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BensaretProfessional Filmographer
Wow, lovely work!
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LOVE the music.. just adds so much..
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Ninjastar13Hobbyist Writer
The scope of this city comes acros well.
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AshcatProfessional General Artist
that right there was amazing! I am in awe.
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gillboyProfessional Digital Artist
simple and beutiful great job...
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ofcourse; even better than without sound :D
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So um... when my novel gets published, and possibly made into a movie... you're going to be the landscape designer. Yes. There shall be no one else.
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finlandeHobbyist Photographer
Amazing! The power of 2.5D animation ;)
I really like the efect at start where the letters look like umm..asian letters for while, any short tips how that is done? :P This is really good. Keep it up
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tigaerProfessional Digital Artist
i used an effect preset in after effects. modified it a bit to get the desired look. basically just playing around with effects there.
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das kommt gut. aber der eine paukenschlag am ende ist bissl komisch ;) aber schon so trailer-mäßig ... fett!
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The music adds a really nice finishing touch to it. Hats off.
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This is very cool: I am really hoping you do more of these films!

Do you plan on further developing this theme? (heh, I feel like "the press")
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tigaerProfessional Digital Artist
these animations are a just for fun thing for me. so... these things are a training for me. unfortunately it takes quite some time to create such things. even if its only 30secs.
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