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Another Morning In The Trenches


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"The only thing making me do graveyard shifts are these incredible sunrises in the Trenches and Calvin and Hobbes waiting for me." Jenna's Diary - Calista - 2733

After getting inspired a decade ago I managed to turn said inspiration into a scene finally. Learning Blender on the way and ending up very happy with a result I'm very happy with! Specific Info & Wallpapers: - Part of the FREESTYLE 2 exhibit by the AURORA Artgroup:
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It's so beatifull

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if you did all of that............... you must be a man with a lot of time good job

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I used some assets there... however, it's my profession so yeah... lot of time there. :D

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Awesome work!

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Awesome work, one can literally see all the effort and hours you've put in your artwork! :clap:

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A world where people don't have time for cats is not worth contemplating ...

This is really fantastic work! Cheers and Applause - NaNoEmo Day 8

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Great job!! This is stunning

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I love Sundays.

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This could be the beginning or the end too an interesting SciFi epic

Great picture- so many layers of detail to this. From the girl with her two kitties in the foreground to the bustling, spacefaring metropolis behind her, on some far off planet, definitely not Earth.

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Idk what this is or what it's from. All I know is it's beautiful and inspirational and I want to live there

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