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One of mankinds colonies on a distant planet in a future not too far away. The organisation chose this planet because of the friendly environment. Forests, fresh and clean air... paradise. The people that decided to live there spend their time to investigate the planet. Flora and fauna. How does the eco-system work. What minerals does the planet offer. The colony is growing fast and soon needs to expand into other regions of that planet. Be sure to save your ticket soon... ;p there are not many places left.

Check out my scenery gallery on!!! You'll find the following wp sizes there:
zip file ca 4mb (different designs in var. resolutions)

...check the 'art galleries/scenery' and scroll down to the bottom.


Basically i used matte painting techniques i learned from the gnomon workshop dvds. I managed to create this piece in merely two weeks in print quality. So i'm quite happy with the efficiency this time. Techniques i used range from photo manipulation to painting and 3d rendering. 3d rendering because the base landscape to that pic was made in terragen.

created with a wacom intuos3.

print detail: [link]


rendered with // terragen ver. 9.43
rendered resolution // 5000x3333
rendering time // 1 rendered pic - ca. 12 hours
render without post process // [link]
post process done in // photoshop
post process time // over a period of 2 weeks
total time invested // 3 weeks
total filesize // *.psd with a res. of 5000x2750 -> 123mb
total layers // ca. 100 layers
inspired by // dylan cole, gary tonge, chris stoski

special thx to ~POverdrive

Happy Viewing!

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It looks beautiful. I'll just throw the basics into a rucksack and hop on the next ship to this unnamed planet.
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Featured your work here: [link]
Awesome picture. That planet looks beautiful, I'd live there.
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WOW! This is amazing! Well done!
MisterBlob's avatar
What software did you use? :S
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I love this kind of art and you make it unique!
bioentity's avatar
waaaaww! me likey
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Hello! Very nice landscape ^^

I was wondering could I use your picture to mix one of my ships in to it?
The job would be purely for my own pleasure/3D-studying and not commercial. I would also post it in DA with link to your page ofc.
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Holy fucking hell!! amazing fucking piece of art!!! dude you took my breath away with this!! where can I find the DVD tutorials??

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Damn! that looks good :+fav: :clap:
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A-W-E-S-O-M-E! o_O
Achiro's avatar
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Great piece of work! I featured you in my journal!

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beautiful. i really hope earth looks like that one day. :)
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I may have seen better matte paintings and renders than this, but yours excels because it goes beyond the usual "sunset lit futuristic cityscape". It's beautiful and it has a very peaceful feel to it. *+fav*
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Incredible! Stunning! Absolutely Beautiful! And intriguing!

This belongs on my favorites.
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I also use Terragen a bit. But this is...*goes speechless*

.....................a....awesome...!!!! =D


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it's not just tg but a lot of photoshop work too. glad you like it :)
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Yea I need to get Photoshop haha
And of course I like it!!! :)
I do a bit of Terragen, but...haha not like that ^ lol
I'd love to know wat you think.......? :) ;)

Mitch =D
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R.A.D.I.C.A.L. :o
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Dude I'm having a hard time not going through your gallery and just Faving every thing I see :P I'm serios.

The buildings remind me of the buildings in Half Life 2
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