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The Arrogant Man

For practice I decided to try making a 3D render of a scene from a 2D game I love - Trilby's Notes. Technically in the scene I am recreating Cabadath should be hanging on the door, but that looked odd from this angle. The reference image from the original game is here: [link]

And you can play Trilby's Notes here: [link] though it is the third (I think) game in a four part series. They're pretty good adventure/horror games, and Yahtzee recently made the special editions free seeing as he is raking in so much money from making awesome videos and books (or it was just added hassle, whichever, I forget)

Most textures taken and modified from, as far as I can see their terms of use allow non-profit usage
The wood texture for the floor/boards created by :iconcrimson-designs: - [link]
Cabadath created by Ben Yahtzee Croshaw
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The Arrogant Man actually pre-dates Slenderman, and is posssssibly an inspiration for his creation =o
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It would be cool if its a gif where Slenderman comes front of you :meow:
I can't see it. My computer's too dark even at its brightest. I'll have to look at it on another computer!
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Ah, Trilby's Notes... that was one scary quadrilogy series. I sweated so much during the last days of 7 Days a Skeptic and I think I got traumatized a bit.

Good picture, tifu.
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Very cool! Trilby's Notes was my favorite one! Certainly the creepiest.

The first time I saw Slender Man I thought about the Arrogant Man, it wouldn't surprise me if this character is where the Slender legend started.
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It's very possible!
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