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TRADES ~ i will occasionally be willing to do trades. unfortunately, i have very limited space in my house, so the amount of plushies i can accumulate is also very limited. please don't be shy about asking about trades, but please don't be offended if i decline :)

~WHAT I CAN MAKE: I can make pretty much anything really, as long as I have enough information and reference material to work with. I do reserve the right to decline a commission if it would be too complex or if I simply don't feel comfortable making it.

~MATERIALS: minky, other fabrics, elastic, safety eyes, polyester fill, embroidery thread, plastic armature,  and anything else I may need. All materials are new.

~INFO REQUIRED: The more reference material I can get from you on what you want the better. Pictures and detailed descriptions help me a lot in making your plushie as close to what you want as possible. Turnaround full body photos and any reference materials are to be sent via note with your request along with size and style required, and any special requests. Please understand that drawings don't always translate well to 3D, but i will always do my utmost best to give you a final product that is as close as possible to the reference material while still looking good.

~TURNAROUND TIME: Depends on a lot of things, including complexity of the plushie, materials available and if I have other things going on keeping me busy. I can give an estimate when a request is made, but i can't guarantee that i will be able to keep to the dates.

~ PRICING: Pricing varies greatly depending on size, complexity, and materials used. Pricing starts at $100 USD.
  • Small (under 14 inches): $100 USD - $500 USD

  • Medium (15-30 inches): $250 USD - $700 USD

  • Large (30-36 inches): $500 USD -$800 USD

  • Anything larger than 36 inches can be discussed.

Please note that these are only very loose guidelines and prices may be higher or lower depending on complexity. I try to keep my prices as reasonable as possible for the amount of work involved.

Any changes requested to the plush once the work has begun will require an additional fee. The fee will be dependent on how far i've gotten and how much rework is required. So, please make sure you know what you want and provide accurate references when you request a quote.

Once a quote for a plushie is given, it is only valid for 1 month since prices in materials do go up sometimes.

Price does not include shipping.

~SHIPPING: plushies can be shipped worldwide. Please include your country in your note so a quote could be provided. All plushies will be wrapped in plastic bags and sent in a padded envelope or in a box.

all packages are sent via Canada Post unless otherwise requested. The full value of the plush will be declared on the package and insurance purchase for the full amount. A lower declared value can be marked if requested, but with the understanding that i am not accountable if anything happens to the plush since i can only insure a package for the declared value. So please understand that if you want me to under-declare a package and it gets lost or damaged, you will be without a plush and no refund will be given.

~PAYMENT: a 50% non-refundable down payment is required before starting. Once the plushie is complete, I will send a picture for approval – and the remaining 50% + shipping will be due before shipment. For original character plushies, i do require payment in full (non-refundable) before i start since it's not something i could sell if you change your mind halfway through.

~DISCLAIMER: these plushies are all hand-made and not meant for small children or pets. I don't recommend machine washing. If necessary spot wash. Also, i do have cats for anyone with severe allergies.
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holy crap its been like 3 years since anyone has commented but are these open?

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Are your commissions open?
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Officially, no. I’m taking a little break to work on a few personal projects.

But if it’s something I’ve already made, a variation of something I’ve already made, or something on my “want to make” list, I may be able to fit it in.

You can send me a PM if you’d like and we can discuss :)
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Are commissions open?  :3
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Officially no....BUT....I'm starting to get some stock ready for conventions next year, and if what you're looking to get commissioned falls in line with things I can make to bring to a convention, i would definitely consider it :)
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Would you accept by mail pay? Because that's all I can do ATM >.<
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Sorry I only take PayPal.
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canadian dollar
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i shall sen the money when you post him one here :D
should i note or email you the shipping info?
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you can send me a note

he'll be on here later tonight :)
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