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How To Export A Fractal From Mandelbulb 3D

A tutorial outlining the ways you can export a fractal from Mandelbulb 3d for use in other 3d programs. Download the PDF for best viewing.
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Thanks very much Tiff, I recently started exploring the idea of creating meshes and playing with blender or c4d, this tutorial has been really informative. much appreciated!

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Glad I could help!

Well done, thanks! Haas anything changed with the new features recently released?

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I haven't tested it in the latest version yet, but the steps should be the same. Glad this could help!
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Thank you! worked fine for me!!Great job!
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Excellent! Glad to hear!
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Cool, I really appreciate it!
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very cool tut! A really good alternative to Fiji is Jwildfire (the one I use to pile up voxels).
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Really? You can compile the voxel stacks exported from Mandelbulb 3d in Jwildfire? Wow, I'll have to test that out too. Or do you just mean fractals made in Jwildfire?
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Yeah, I've been using it for this purpose for a while now. I like the 2.50 version better. Basically does the same thing that Fiji does, but you can watch the process (and know when is over). Also Jwildfire features some interesting editing options like a gauss effect. If you want to try it out, you might want to use my params, after a lot of trial and error:

Image Downsample_ 1
Spatial filter 0
B treshold 20
image step 1

Usually I dont use the prefilters, I prefer to smooth it out in meshlab or blender, but they can be handy when working with kleinians, for example.

So I highly recommend Jwildfire to work with voxels. The only thing is that sometimes it offers a deformed mesh, but this can be easily corrected in Meshlab:

Scale, z axis 0.5 (sometimes 0.33), uncheked Uniform scaling.

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Very useful. Thank you!!
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Great! Your welcome!
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very helpful technical information.....thankyou
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