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Hey watchers! and deviants passing through =]

I had the best weekend so far this year. Last weekend I was able to photograph a wedding
it was my co-workers wedding. It was beautiful and the weather was hot,humid but later in the day it got better.
Hopefully I’ll get some more bookings with that wedding session. I already got three but i would love 5 or so before August ;]

and this weekend or  (im having surgery tomorrow and I dont know when I’ll feel well enough to upload) sometime this month I’ll be adding some
more brushes, and patterns. they will be summer, and wedding themed.

have a good week everyone

<3 TC06

PS Maggie , u need to become a deviant you’ll love it XD
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Hey !

So I haven't been on here in like a year ! wow doesn't feel like a year... holy &$%#@^!(

Well with work I have been so busy and no time for making brushes
I recently met someone Ro**** online and weirdly enough I don't know how but I walk/drive by his workplace
pretty much everyday and I never meet him until a few wks ago online.

now he is a VERY talented and cute graphic designer (and Im officially mortified if he is reading this)
well he inspired me to start again. No one except my mom,dad and few of my co-workers know that I draw
and I like it that way though =]

So NEXT weekend Im set on making new brushes. Everything else will take a backseat
so look out for those.

*~*~*~* Comment below for any requests *~*~*~*

I feel like quitting

everything I post on here, I do it so others can use it for
whatever they want of course except commercial use lol
but when I see someone taking my work and not giving credit
then telling others they made it ...that pisses me off!
I'm venting ...I'm sorry but I just get so mad for something I put a lot
of thought in and worked hard on doing
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So I finally got my Adobe Master Collection in the mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just waiting for Amazon to mail me TWILIGHT !! :D :D :D :D :D :D

So far Ive only had the chance to download PS CS4 so far and I love the new features
the layout and if your new to PS its much easier to get through than past versions.
y'all will love it, if u have CS3 I highly suggest you to upgrade!

I'll be uploading new brushes all this wk
keep an eye out, Love ya!
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Hello everybody
Its been a while since I
last updated anything in
my account.My life has
been work 24/7,
volunteering, and my sorority
I have no idea how I'm doing
it but thank goodness I have
I updated my page w/ pics of my
home and where I work on my art and etc....
..... whenever I'm home :(

Ive made a few brushes and
will be adding through out
2morrow....and Don't forget
....Make sure you
subscribe to my channel if
you haven't

Luv ya ! xoxo

Happy Valentine's Day!!
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I just came from seeing Twilight Ive seen it 5 times now
  It doesnt get old, I find new things, and more
    excited everytime I see Rob scene's  *Die*

   Anyways I made a few manips and poster I hope
    you like them...I'll be adding some brushes
    soon! My site I had to drop it cause $150.00
    was getting too expensive to pay every month
    not counting the domain I had to pay  
    I'll be adding the brushes gradually
    200 brushes isnt easy to add
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So Ive been adding my old brushes..that I deleted (oops)
and some new one's...Im extremely tired and busy so until next week
I'll add them
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For the past wk Ive added a lot of brushes!
  Hope you like them!
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  Ive Added A Few Over The Past Week
  And This Weekend.
  I Also Have New Way Of Showing Off The Brushes
  Thanks everyone for your comments, y'all are awesome!
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I love taking pictures, and I find inspiration everywhere...I have like 2000 +
   images on my mac and i havent at all posted any.
  Today I posted my light stocks. Hope you like them...I love them.
  Feedback, good or bad is welcomed

  Thanks so much for stopping by
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Ive been getting a lot of messages asking the rules on using my brushes
    They can be used commercially, I dont mind
Im not asking for $ also, when u do use them for any kind of art work
  commercially or not

  What I would like if you credit me, and link me
That would be lovely :)

       Thanks Everyone For Ur Support!

P.S I only added one brush today, My schedule is so demanding right
   especially school, and ballet for now you, u wont see very
   much of me around, for at least a week

      I hope everyone had a good holiday!!!!!
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   I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving!!!!!
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  Hey everybody, Im a busy busy busy busy person these past few
   weeks, and soon months. Ive tried to get in some new brushes
every 3 days or so posted. Some will have imageoacks some wont
like I said in the past, I want everyone to be able to enjoy the brushes
so if you need the imagepacks, just leave me a comment where you would like
onw and I'll see what I can do :)

  Okay so 2nite I added 3 brushes,and over the weekend I hope to
     add like 5 more brushes.

  I hope of you have a good weekend!!!  I for will try
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I added only four photoshop brushes today. Only one contain an imagepack
   I just dont have time, right now. Later one I'll update them w/ imagepacks

  The Four new one's are another minibrush pack,stamps,lenses and
     a cityscapes brush :)
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Hey y'all ! I havent done anything in such a long time
but now ,I have more time and feel inspiration all the time
especially when Im @ my boyfriends house, looking at the most
beautiful sunsets I have seen by far.
Anyhow I hope you enjoy what I posted today its only a few but everyday I'll put in new brushes ,Enjoy them :)

Just In case y'all want to know all brushes are made
in Photoshop CS3. I know they work for CS2 and CS Im not too sure if
they wor for earlier versions. Later on when making more brushes
I'll put them into a zip so that it will include imagepacks :)

Rules: No Credit Needed If You Download, But It'd
          Be Nice, If Someone Asks Where U Got Them
          From Give Them My Link :) Thanks & Enjoy!
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