Hello. I'm new to Deviant Art.

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By TiffanyMason
Hello. My name is Tiffany. Thank you for stopping by my page. A little about me: I am a graphic artist. I specialize in romance, erotic romance, and erotica themes. It's my main thing. However, I also can be commissioned for commercial whatever-you-need, which I often also do. (I've created graphics for dance studios, dating websites, cleaning companies, etc.)

I am still learning how to use this platform, so please be patient with me. :) I see there are points, and badges, and I'm sure there is a culture I need to learn and ways I'm suppose to interact and reciprocate. If I'm failing to do this, please just let me know and I'll correct. I'm really, really new. (lol) Any tips or suggestions or explanations on how to behave on here are most welcome.

<3 T.
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Have you visited the Forum yet? There you can say hi to other deviants, post Thumbs of your work (Deviation ThumbShare section), make new friends etc. :)
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No, I haven't. :) Let me seen if I can navigate myself that way. Thank you again... :)
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Hi and welcome! Hi! The most important thing is to always return a llama! ;-) :D
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Thank you! I will do that now... =)
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