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the Butterfly Ballgown

So, I could not resist and made a fanart of Cinderella in the famous butterfly ballgown from Cinderella 2015 :D Thought I changed the dress's colors a little bit, it's the white and light blue combination from the original Cinderella movie. She is just divine in these colors ^^ (but of corse the original blue dress is gorgeous too!)
I still have to watch the movie XDD

Re-blog from here: La Vie En Rose

Star!~ Please, download the image for the better quality!Star!

Cinderella © Disney
Blue butterflies 
© darkadathea
Artwork © me

All Rights Reserved Notice by Kezzi-Rose
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Best of both films.

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This is so much better than the live action one
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They REALLY should've made the dress silver in the live-action remake. I hate Disney's historical revisionist campaign to change Cinderella's dress from silver to blue in all their products when it was so much prettier originally.
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I agree with you whole-heartedly. Also, 2015 Cinderella feels so meek and doormat-y, unlike the 1950s one. 
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Actually the dress in real life looks like… you can see it around 4:50
They added a filter to the final product so it became deeper blue.
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Color-correcting a pretty silver dress (which looks kinda purple and periwinkle in that video, I saw a picture of it in a display case and it's SUPER silver: hollywoodmoviecostumesandprops…) to make it look blue is just more revisionism, stop it Disney! :shakefist: 
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Personally, I'm one of the only people who don't care for the live-action version of Cinderella, though I do love that you made the dress in the same colors as the dress from the 1950 version of Cinderella. :)
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Thank you ^^
I'm a pretty big fan of this version, I watched it like 100 times XD
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You're welcome. ^^

Wow. :O
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Haha, usually when I draw, I start a movie(or series) and hearing it while drawing^^ relaxing
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Right, right. I got it.
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wow, very good
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whoa! that slight poof is just... great
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OMG! She looks so divine in this gown and with that color! It's totally gorgoeus! Also, you totally captured her face, not many fan arts get her face well and but her face in this one is really remarkable, so a huge congrats to you! ^_^
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Aww thank you very much ^^ I tried to keep her original movie look as much as I could!
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You're very welcome! Well, you sure did. It's really impressive. :D
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Nice! Recalls the spring. Spring Is Here Emote 
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