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I didn't draw this, I only colored it! (: The great lineart belongs to *Agito-Lind I always loved this screenshoot from LOK and now thanks to *Agito-Lind I could color it :D
Here is the lineart
Hope you like it :heart:

:star:~ Please, download the image for the better quality!:star:

Wallpaper Set
Lineart © *Agito-Lind
Cloud texture © =Skybase
Coloring by me

Other coloring works
Image size
2000x1200px 3.5 MB
© 2012 - 2020 tiffanymarsou
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You're welcome...:D
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I love this picture,  thanks for putting on colored.... it´s amazing!!! :D
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I miss them! Luckily we have the comics :D
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Yep, I miss them too ^^
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Oh snap, guys. Nice.
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Time flows ever onward, and as the era of one generation ends, another begins. So it has been and so it shall be. No Legend will last forever, and all names soon fade away into dust. Your time, while seemingly now vast, will one day be blown away in the dust of history. We are not the most important generation, nor are we the last. So long as we live as if this is the case, what hope does the next have? We are great because our fathers before us lived their lives with us in mind--will we do the same?

Love this picture :) Very nostalgic, and sad at the same time. The Gaang had their time, and they lived it to the fullest--now it is over, and the next generation has taken command. Are our lives any different?
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it brings back memeoires
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Brings back so many memories!
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Absolutely amazing.
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OMG! It's beautiful...
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I've seen other colored versions, but I think this one is the best one out there. Very nice work!
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Aww I'm glad you say so,thanks a lot :heart:
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