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Scarlett and Melly

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Happy New Year guys :heart: Hope 2018 will be great for everyone!! :D 
My first artwork in 2018 is featuring Scarlett and Melly from Gone with the Wind, finally I finished this piece XD Started it during a summer break I guess... I always find their 'couple' rather interesting :) And surprisinglly Melly was always my favorite not Scarlett.

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Gone with the Wind ©  Margaret Mitchell
Background [link]
Artwork and design © me

All Rights Reserved Notice by Kezzi-Rose
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AMAZING! But they are both together now. <3

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OMG I love this!!! Gone With the Wind will always be my favorite book and movie! Definitely don’t see enough fanart of this book and movie. This is so lovely!
tiffanymarsou's avatar
Aww thank you ^^ One of my favorite book as well!
Always dreamed a Disney movie about it,so I just did my version I guess :D
crystalhearts56's avatar
Well you did a wonderful job on this fan art! It would be nice for Disney to make a movie about Gone With the Wind. If they ever did I would most definitely go see it.
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Ah, Melly is totally my favourite character from Gone With the Wind!! I cried so much when she died both in the book and in the movie, I can say with pride that she is one of my favourite characters of all time! Ironically, Olivia de Havilland is the only one of the four protagonists who is still alive, when her character was the only one to die... 

And lovely artwork!! I love how you portrayed both Melly and Scarlett here!! And how you made Melly look so serene and peaceful, while Scarlett looks strong and determined! Gorgeous as always <33
tiffanymarsou's avatar
Thank you I'm glad you like it :D I think the book will always be one of my favorites, and Melly is definitely my fav character from it (then Rhett and Scarlett)
She recently turned 102 or something, so great!
shadouge4eternity's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous! There is definitely not enough Gone With the Wind fanart around here!
tiffanymarsou's avatar
Thank you ^^
Probably because it's a very old book (timeless thought but still)
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I love this so much; Melly really loved Scarlett and was just so genuine and lovely. Scarlett was also to be admired too, even with all her faults. I love them both!
tiffanymarsou's avatar
Thank you^^
Agree, Melly is my favorite but I also admire Scarlett's strenght and determination!
KonekoTsukino's avatar
Melly's love for Scarlett is so enduring. She latched on to her as a real sister from the beginning and Scarlett was too stubborn to realize how much she likewise valued her. Besties forever. 
tiffanymarsou's avatar
Oh, yes. That's why I love Melly so much. Scarlett only realized how much she loved(needed) her when she lost her.
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yeah it sucks what happened to melly in the end if there's a consolation her actress olivia de havilland is still with us at 101 years of age
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Amazing picture.
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Those dresses look highly cumbersome.
tiffanymarsou's avatar
Not really. It was the fashion back then, they get used to it.
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So gorgeous! Looks likes they are having a tender goodbye! Love the shimmer of the grey dress and the pattern of the green dress. (I've never seen or read Gone with the Wind so I don't know who's who?)
tiffanymarsou's avatar
Thank you :D
Scarlett in green dress, Melly in grey ^^ It's a pretty good book. one of my favorite actually ^^
I'd quote the movie, but the quote would insult the artwork
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Would you mind leaving normal feedbacks like any other users??? Why do you even bother commenting if you are not interested?? Go and spam somewhere else!
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