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Princess Luna - Special Halloween Dress

I now that I didn't draw ponies for a while but for Halloween / Nightmare Night I planed something special^^ I designed Special Halloween Dresses for the Pony Princesses! And since this holiday is for Princess Luna, here she is first! If the ponies would hold a Nightmare Night Gala in Equestria their favorite Night Princess needs a fabulous dress :) 
The color palette and the style will be the same for all the dresses but each and every dress will be a little different, representing the Princess who wears it. Luna's dress, since she is the star of the Nightmare Night, is the most detailed and she wears a special wing jewel too. If she closes her wings the jewel stay on place and it's a decorative element of the dress.
This dress style is the most impressive on ponies who can fly, so I can't do the Mane 6 now (I know that Dash and Fluttershy are pegasi but the others haven't got wings, so the collection wouldn't be complete) So I decided to draw the Princesses only 💕
Hope you guys will like my Halloween Princesses :heart:

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Princess Luna © Hasbro
Artwork © me

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My fave Alicorn princess! :D