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Oh my, after a lots of Gala Dress designs I finally can finished this piece too :3 (thought I'll design a Gala Gown for Summer Rain too :33) So, I working on this piece since the beginning of April, 120 layers, and about 50 hour work XD But worth it, I adore this piece. Here is the story, Princess Cadence and Twilight Sparkle take an afternoon walk in the park with Cadence and Shining Armors's little filly :33 She is Twilight's niece :D I'd liked to draw a grown up Twi, she will be like Cadence and Luna I guess if she will be older, after all she is an alicorn now. I used a little vintage style on them, the hats and the details :D Omg, those details, I never want to draw roses again. And you never ever want to draw fancy baby I mean foal carriage XD Trust me I know XD It was a nightmare! But I still adore this piece, especially the background I'll use it again I think :3 Enjoy :heart:
Oh and please, I would not want to see negative comments 'cause of Twilight, ignore her wings, that's all! Respect each others opinions. Thanks ^^

Here is the continuation -

:star:~ Please, download the image for the better quality!:star:

Twilight and Cadence © Hasbro
Artwork © me

Edit: I fixed Twi's eyes and horn :3
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Wooow!!! What a wonderful and cute scene you made!!! Truly love it!!! :heart: :love: :heart: