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Glamorous Fashion

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I always promise myself that I never do a Princess collection again 'cause it's a LOT OF work, but somehow I can't keep my promise ^^ And here comes my newest Disney Princess collection the Glamorous Fashion! I designed brand-new gowns for our beloved Princesses, somewhere I kept the original style and somewhere styled something new but still match with the Princess's personality. All of the Princesses wears glitters and pearls on their gowns or on their jewels, this is the concept of the whole collection.

:star:~ Please, download the image for the better quality!:star:


Flower texture © julkusiowa
Dawn brush set © differentxdreamz
Princesses © Disney
Artwork © me

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© 2012 - 2020 tiffanymarsou
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tiana's the best!
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Woah...!!! All those dresses... they are just perfect!!! :wow: :omg: :omfg: :O
You are pretty good at creating gowns designs! And they fit great on each of the princesses! :clap: :clap: :clap:
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Mulan's dress is my favorite.
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You're welcome :)
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I agree with the pony tail for mulan
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Wow. Wow. Wow. Epic fashion show!! :D Ariel's is my fave, but they're all so beautiful, and perfectly inspired!!
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I'm glad you like it :3
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I like them all, really. :) But I don't see how you could say that Belle's original hair is boring, yet when the ''new'' hair-style is the exact same as her old one, only longer. :confused:
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I'm really glad you like them :3
Actually Belle's new hair style is pretty different from her old one, here , see it's different :)
Here new one is by far better for her than her old boring one, I never liked it and I never liked her golden gown either.
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But again, it's basically the same hair style, just longer and flowier. :)

Ugh...I died a little when you said that. Her hairstyle and ballgown is one of the best designs in Disney movies, and I can't believe you would think otherwise. ;_; Besides, if your really looking for a bad ballgown and lame hair style, look at Ariel's pink dress. :P
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You know we all have different opinions, right?

Besides Ariel's pink ball gown is gorgeous :3

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Yeah, but your opinion is sinful. :/


Seriously? You like Ariel's pink dress, but dislike Belle's golden dress? That's downright offensive.

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Omg, are you crazy? XD

I guess I have to block you....

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Beautifully done! Great work. 
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Well they all look... glamourous!
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Ooo very pretty :D
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