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Sans guardian of death
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Published: October 31, 2016
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Sans, the Guardian of Death 

Sans is a natural jokester, even appearing to be threatening for the position he carries as the responsible of the Dead’s Realm. He tries to soothe the ominous meaning of death with an easygoing nature and silly jokes, though he takes his role very seriously. Other deities respects him profoundly, knowing that under that calm façade resides a terrifying and powerful being.

His blue flames are an extension of his soul, permeating the air with an icy feeling. By the tendrils of his energy, the ones near death (by sickness or not) can understand that their time is short and soon the Spirit of the Dead will embrace their soul away.

It is told by the elders of the tribes that the Guardian of Death fills the night with bright and shiny souls of the departed ones, in which we would call upon them as stars. The colorful nebulae are due to the massive energy released by reunited souls, coating the darkness with the beauty of their raw essence.

Sans always appears and disappears without giving any sort of hint about his presence, constantly floating in the air and moving like a slow breeze, letting his comrades frequently spooked by his abilities. He wears a massive dragon skull that he can use as a protective armor or a lethal weapon that leaves a trail of dissipating nebulae in the air where he goes. The dense fur around his shoulders are also an indication of his capabilities of metamorphosis, often opting on a wolf shape to stalk into the night through the dark forests.

The Guardian of Death can also send messages inside dreams, stretching his magic like threads and webs to get a hold of the person’s mind. On those magical webs, several trinkets are attached to the surface; like pieces of bones, shards of metal, magical gems and little animal skulls, which he keeps as amulets to filter and disperse the bad energy he captures from the dreamer. The dearest of his possessions are the feathers gifted from his brother Papyrus, directing the messages towards the asleep person by the quills and barbs.

Sans’ brother is the Guardian of Life. They both carry great respect and adoration towards each other. However, due to their respective roles, they are forced apart as their energies resonates opposite to the other (though they complement each other with their very existence - Life cannot exist without Death, and vice versa).

Beside his brother, Sans can achieve a special relationship with the Goddess of Night, Toriel. They both share their appreciation about jokes and often share their experience in interacting with the mortals. But even with the very few ones that are close to him, Sans carries deep sorrow regarding to the treatment received from all the Guardians, always being misunderstood in his approaches and dark ways of expressing himself.

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