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Papyrus, Guardian Of Life
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Published: November 11, 2016
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Guardian of Life

Papyrus is a true lover about life. From the depths of sorrow to the outstanding joy the living things can grant, Papyrus believes deeply in all the potential good of every being. His blinding faith on others can be his greatest weakness as well, for his innocent soul will forever hold its purity like a child’s naivety.

 All the small things can bring the Guardian of Life incredible happiness, even if the said thing looks meaningless. His observant nature for the peculiarity on each existing thing holds its own essence on the Universe. This trait makes him the most warm, adorable and charismatic from the deities.

 Everything touched by Papyrus blossoms in life, rich in colors and intense energy. His soul manifests in shiny yellow and orange flames with fiery sparks, denoting the burning passion that all living beings carry during their journey on Earth. The furs and feathers adorning his vests are symbols of the animals he can become to get in contact with the humans, always bringing messages of hope and optimism. Either touch the colorful sky like a hawk or run throughout the landscape as a deer, Papyrus will constantly appear in a coat of balmy flames that can bring peace to his surroundings.

 The Guardian of Life dedicates himself in the arts of culinary, always finding amusement in all tastes and spices he can add to evoke vigor on others’ souls. Food is a great pillar to sustain life, so Papyrus’ hobby in creating new flavors to offer and feed all the living beings is in a constant improvement.

 Papyrus is very popular and loved by the other deities, having great partnership with the God of the Sun, Asgore, and the Protector of the Waters, Undyne. He finds very intriguing the amount of energy Undyne can sport, both sharing their appreciation over food and a good sparring in a healthy routine.

 The thing that saddens Papyrus the most is the unfairness about the distance he needs to keep from his brother Sans, the Guardian of Death. Afraid to harm each other, they are forbidden to have any sort of physical contact, forcing Papyrus to repress any of his expressive nature about touches that he uses to display his contentment, something constantly done to others in his gleeful spirit. However, this never stops Papyrus into visiting his brother and giving lots of gifts to show his appreciation towards the smaller one.

 Even that he understands that Sans doesn’t have the same amount of energy Papyrus’ does, he is constantly fussing about his brother’s lazy behavior, trying his best to bring joy and warmth to make his lonely existence more bearable. Sans is not good with emotions, especially in displaying them, but he always tries his best so that Papyrus can feel how much he is truly loved and cared.

 Papyrus can always feel the presence of his brother nearby, even that he can’t see him most of the times. He knows Sans is very protective, constantly watching his back from any threat or hostile spirits. He feels safe and loved, fueling his deep emotions that gives the best feelings life can provide.

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