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Metatton spirit of metamorphosis small by TifaFinsterherz Metatton spirit of metamorphosis small by TifaFinsterherz

Mettaton, Spirit of Metamorphosis


Mettaton is a great idol, literally. He is worshipped by the tribes as the great Spirit of Metamorphosis, transforming its image as he sees fit. His most physical form is made of a big rock of Opal, with Amethysts adorning the top like a crown and a butterfly symbol carved in gold at the center of his body.

He enjoys luxurious ornaments, indulging into the beauty that carries each aspect he would admit and gain its properties. Jewelry, gems and any metal that would shine are of great interest as a mean of decorating his surface and getting every eye to admire him.

The full moon is the apex of his splendor, where he will leave his physical form and reveal the magnificent image of his shapeshifting power. Mettaton will assume the characteristics of different animals, like his scaled arms resembling snakes and peacock feather dangling from his hair. He is frequently surrounded by butterflies, leaving a trail of shiny stars and petals wherever he goes. The fragrance of roses is always present, a clear sign of his proximity.

For being a great trickster in all the depth of his shapeshifting nature, Mettaton is highly fascinated by the dramatics, displaying it in vibrant colors and exotic mixes on his visuals all the passion for calling the attention of his surroundings. He is like the star of the Spirit Guardians, a canvas of beauty that exposes all his repertoire to entertain, intrigue and amaze.

The elders tell that Mettaton was a shy little ghost before discovering his true identity as a powerful Spirit Guardian. The Guardian of Nature, Alphys, was the responsible of finding a great rock of Opal buried deep down the earth, digging it out and preparing it as a future vessel for the sad ghost. After Alphys offered the new sculpture as a way to connect to the material world, the ghost accepted the gift and could finally feel the nature for the first time. Cohabiting with the environment, Mettaton discovered his powers and at night, he could ascend to another level of existence, being able to be in both material and ethereal world at the same time.

He is charming, charismatic and enchanted by all the things in life, having a great relationship with most of the Spirit Guardians. Papyrus, the Guardian of Life, is frequently visiting Mettaton’s idol place, leaving flowers to him to show his blessings for how the little ghost continued to thrive and embrace his enlightened path.

Mettaton can also become a violent spirit, full of pride and arrogance if great darkness takes ahold of his core. He can become dangerously destructive, assuming a controlling and manipulative personality. His body is covered by poisonous and offensive traits, threatening with his unleashed dark skills. Using his ability to shapeshift, he can also trick others easily to his own will, leading them to obey without using force for it. But with the constant worshipping and gifts coming from the tribes, Mettaton keeps at ease and happy with all their offerings.

Alphys takes good care of Mettaton, always keeping him company and sculpting new decorations for his altar deep in the woods, where the Opal idol stays. She also manages to keep him stable when he feels darkness approaching, cheering him up and enjoying nature together.

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April 7, 2017
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