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Chelsea Smile - Fullviewplease

The day after I arrived back from holiday, I finally got to see the Dark Knight. It was very, very good :D When the film finished I was dying to draw the I did this in a couple of hours. Its a bit messy but then most things I do are ^^; I did this without any reference so it sadly it doesn't look like Heath Ledger.

Wacom tablet + Photoshop CS3 + inspiration by awesome film
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jajajjaja that your great joker, a bit past years but as a real aasocia andalusia.
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:O_o: OMG!!!! Great job! :clap:
brunoclemente's avatar
fantastic!!!! fucking amazing!
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Words cannot describe how perfect this is. You canptured so much about Ledger and the joker...Great job. And don't sweat the small stuff; you by notice anything wrong with it. I don't see anything,as a matter of fact, lol
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Thank you, saying I captured them is such a nice compliment :)
LordofTibera's avatar
Well, it's what I do, lol. I'm glad I made you glad.
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It's brilliant! Very creepy.
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i actually love it and it reminds me of mark hamill actually! (voice actor of Joker in BTAS)
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Holy crap. Fullviewed and it was terrifying. You don't really see the detail in the eyes and how malevolent you drew them until you see them close up. It's amazing.
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Thank you that means a lot :) I tried really hard to get his character into it, it was most fun part about drawing him.
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It's very damn near his likeness may he rest in peace
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It looks amazing :D
Freak-Egg's avatar
OMFG, thats so amazingly GREAT!!! I love the coloring, and the mood, and omfg. BRILLIANT work
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Great work dude.
pacmanpimp's avatar
Heath legend <333...glad u finally got 2 c the dark knight! oh and COME HOME!!! I'm bored! lol
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Heath or not, it's the Joker. That's all we really need...
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Doesn't look like Heath Ledger, but it does look like The Joker! Great job.
ilovepippntook's avatar
very nice i love it. its so sick! XD
dead-poetic's avatar
Thats badass!!! =D
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