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Awesome + plz by Tifa22
Since I saw CookiemagiK and MixedMilkChOcOlate do this and because I want to use this awesome journal skin.
Please don't be scared or start throwing things at me (except if those are cute fluffy things or chocobo plushies), I know that pixels are not the most elaborate part of my gallery ;___;

That's why I also added other pixel-works, not only emoticons <.<

January 2009

PixelChocobo by Tifa22 PixelChocobo_Animated by Tifa22 Waving by Tifa22 PixelAxel by Tifa22 Ball :aww: by Tifa22

February 2009

Sunshine in a Box by Tifa22 Panic Pack by Tifa22

March 2009

Clueless by Tifa22 :Ballgames: by Tifa22 Formula 1 - Project by Tifa22 Design My Universe - Project by Tifa22 Revamped: Clueless +plz by Tifa22

Reaching the Unreachable by Tifa22

April 2009

222 Deviations by Tifa22 Spin_Test1 by Tifa22 Spin_Test2 by Tifa22 Vainiglia-Plushie by Tifa22 Cioccolato-Plushie by Tifa22

May 2009

Emoticon-IceCream by Tifa22 Tard with Traffic Cone by Tifa22 Rotkehlchen by Tifa22 Secret_Shading_Test by Tifa22

June 2009 (best month of the year :giggle:)

Emoticon-License by Tifa22 Mel-Wave by Tifa22 Being Together by Tifa22 .:Angel:. by Tifa22 Give me an 'Aww' - Pixel by Tifa22

Fun in the Forest by Tifa22 For My Mama by Tifa22 Vainiglia Waving +plz by Tifa22 Give me an 'Aww' - Shiny by Tifa22 Change by Tifa22

What's 'Feet'? by Tifa22 Cursor_Normal by Tifa22 Cursor_Link by Tifa22

July 2009

Shield of Emoticonis by Tifa22 Tard-License by Tifa22 Ceci n'est pas un arbre by Tifa22 Emoticon Zodiac: Gemini by Tifa22 Emoticon Zodiac: Cancer by Tifa22

Cozy Afternoon by Tifa22 Happy Cube by Tifa22 Emoticon Zodiac: Pisces by Tifa22 Emoticon Zodiac: Leo by Tifa22 Emoticon Zodiac: Libra by Tifa22

Bird Song CD by Tifa22 Catmote by Tifa22 - Yawn - by Tifa22 Let's catch a star by Tifa22

August 2009

Awesome + plz by Tifa22 Doll by Tifa22 Sea Voyage by Tifa22 Pixel_Universe by Tifa22 No one will notice this :D by Tifa22

We'll find a Treasure by Tifa22

September 2009

Skateboarding by Tifa22 LoveRandomDeviants by Tifa22 Syne by Tifa22 Swiss Ninja Knife - Emote by Tifa22 Raincobow by Tifa22

October 2009

Catmote - small and cute by Tifa22 Blank is silly by Tifa22 Shading_Rough by Tifa22 Shading_Smooth by Tifa22 Presents pour Piggy by Tifa22

For Faby by Tifa22 My Horse by Tifa22 Synitised by Tifa22 A Magical Jar by Tifa22 Wait, you forgot your Head O.o by Tifa22

All the Best for Alice by Tifa22 The Weather is Fine by Tifa22 TVmote-Project - Closed f. New by Tifa22 TVmote-Project: Template by Tifa22 The Weather is Fine by Tifa22

November 2009

Pixel-Glueckspilz by Tifa22 Catch me when I fall by Tifa22

December 2009

Roxas - Xion - Axel by Tifa22 Cakemania Collab-Entry by Tifa22 Pixel-Platypus by Tifa22
... and maybe some more to come, who knows? :D

Please remember

to check out my group, the Chocobo-Center :)
If you don't like chocobos yourself, you might know others who do?
Or you own / know a club that can affiliate?

Thanks for your help in any case!

Vainiglia Waving +plz by Tifa22
Okay, thanks for having a look at this journal!
I hope you found some more deviations you liked ^____^
And I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (lol, not Ear XD)!

© 2009 - 2021 Tifa22
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Emmuls's avatar
There are so many wonderful and adorable ones, Annika!! :iconfurrydanceplz:

June is best because it's your birthday, right :giggle:

Yes, Nico's right, Rainbow chocobo :woohoo:
Tifa22's avatar
Haha, thank you! :iconfurryhuggleplz:
Yay, I think you're the first one who got that right :D
Oooohhh :excited:
Emmuls's avatar
you're welcome!! :iconnewhugplz:

Eclaireur's avatar
*Throw cute fluffy things* :XD: :D :D :D
March and april are my favorites =)
Tifa22's avatar
*catches them*
Oooohhh, thank you :D

Cool, thanks for having a look :iconsmile--plz:
Eclaireur's avatar
You're welcome. =)
I love your new avatar, chocobo powaaa! :D
Tifa22's avatar
Thank you! =MixedMilkChOcOlate made it for me -> [link] :)
Eclaireur's avatar
Oh that's nice =)
Mirz123's avatar
What a great collection!

Tifa22's avatar
Thank you very much! :iconcheerplz:
MixedMilkChOcOlate's avatar
Some good and cute work here :la:
I like a lot :aww:

Rainbow chocobo :excited:
Tifa22's avatar
Thankies! :dummy:
Aww, thanks again :aww:

Yes :eager:
Gary-G-09's avatar
amazing you must have a lot of patience :) terrific feature :)
Tifa22's avatar
I'm not sure about the thing with patience :paranoid:
Thank you! :D
Gary-G-09's avatar
haha your doing great :hug: :santa:
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